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Finished Reading: The Brothers Karamazov

3 October 2018

The Brothers Karamazov

Earlier this year, I read Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky – and I loved it.

The plot rocked, the language was lush, the drama was intense and the characters were crazy!

It was also peppered with philosophical ramblings about society, theology and morality, which I kind of liked too.

So I bought Dostoyevsky’s other well-known book, The Brothers Karamazov. I did a bit of research and found an award winning translation of the book too haha!

It’s basically a murder mystery, with the story revolving around a despicable man, his three grown-up sons  and a love triangle and a murder trial.

What did I think?

Interesting story. But damn, it was a bit drawn out.

So much religious and philosophical ranting. All the characters were dysfunctional and horrible, all the relationships were messy. And I speed-read through the conversations with the devil.

Yes parts of it was pretty amazing, in particular, the language and depth of characters. You don’t read text like this anymore!

It is often rated as one of the greatest stories ever written. But I struggled to get through it. It’s not light reading.

Honestly, I don’t recommend it, unless you have a sudden burning curiosity about the book (which I had). And have 2 months of spare reading time in the evenings up your sleeve (which I had).

I do feel like I have a new level of bragging rights now, but given how I feel about the book, I might not be so quick to chime into dinner party conversations about 19th century Russian literature – haha!