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Hunting for a Floral Dress for Spring

11 September 2018

I’ve been following New York Fashion Week, seeing an explosion of colour and florals and I’m inspired!

While I’m not quite ready for my own explosion of colour or florals… I AM looking for two floral dresses – one for a wedding in October (5 weeks away) and one in November (9 weeks away). Yay!

I do have this Azaelea Lace Dress from Self Portrait, and I’m looking for another…

Shopbop Spring Dresses

Ruffles have got me good this season.

Yumi Kim Waterfront Dress

How pretty is this dress?! How many wrap dresses do I really need? Will pastel yellow really look good on my olive skin tone? Is my chest perky enough for this dress? These are the big questions.

Fame and Partners Schalice Dress

I really like this structured ruffle dress. The pattern is just lovely. It looks very “Self Portrait” without the “Self Portrait” price tag.

But I could probably only wear it 3 times before my own photographs confuse my concept of time, date and event. Was that September 2002 when I broke my shoe and had to walk 2 kms in sand to get to the car? Or December 2003 when the bride’s dad fell into the swimming pool after the kid vomited in it?

Shopbop Spring Dresses

Zimmermann Tempest Cascade Wrap Dress

Ahh Zimmermann seems to do no wrong! ​Especially when it comes to girly floral dresses.

I looove the pattern: the dark floral colours with a hint of purple and grey.

I like that this dress looks suitable for both summer and winter. And I like the look of the fit.

The price tag does make me gasp, but the fact that I could sell it secondhand makes me feel a bit better haha.

Rebecca Taylor Emilia Tank Dress

​Ok this is more my price range and it helps that it’s super cute. Again I love the grey purple colour and the hint of floral pattern, that’s less in your face.

And again I’m thinking I could wear this dress many ways, even with sneakers. I guess I could wear sneakers with the Zimmermann dress, but honestly I don’t feel cool enough.

I’ll let you know how I go! :)