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Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 – Opening Night

10 September 2018

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

It’s that time of the year again!

I love this period of back to back Fashion Weeks happening all over the world, and I love that my city has a thriving fashion industry for local creatives too.

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, we gathered at the shiny new Optus Stadium and were treated to a line up of top Australian designers for Opening Night.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

Morrison started the show with delicate ruffles, white polkadots, sheer layers and effortless silhouettes.

There was a lot more colour to this collection (namely yellows and reds) but as you can see from my photograph picks, I looooved the white polkadot, ruffled look.

I am a big fan of Morrison and love their journey and evolution as a label!

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

Dion Lee shows off his expert tailoring, with garment cut-outs, pleats, and silky drapes.

Most times I’m blown away Dion Lee’s runway work, but this collection left me feeling a bit puzzled – did I miss something?

It didn’t have Dion Lee’s signature WOW tailoring, or maybe it simply didn’t look like his past work, which is kind of a good thing? A new direction perhaps? A fresh twist?

I went home and took a closer look at my photos… and sure enough, his details/fit/drape/tailoring were impeccable. It was all there, just harder to see on a catwalk.

Having said that, I’m not a fan of cut outs and I may have dropped off his age demographic window – haha damn.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

Um, ok I’ll just take this green dress and go home now, thanks.

Guuuys this colour is insane.

I’m a huge fan of One Fell Swoop and their collection made me go… “Hmm, maybe I should go back to full time work, find a richer husband, or just rob a bank so I can afford ALL OF THESE DRESSES!!”

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

Romance Was Born is always a crowd pleaser with their glittering fabrics, sparkles, metallic details and out-there accessories.

Very 1920s art deco meets fairy royalty, with a bit of Madonna, Art Nouveau and Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. Love it darling.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1
Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

Scanlan Theodore had some smart looks with their crisp lines, mixed plaid, fluid wet-look fabrics and dark tropical prints. Very modern, elegant and a touch of edge.

Their selections were from their Summer 18 Ready To Wear collection so it looked a bit corporate and commercial coming down the runway (next to the opulent Romance Was Born looks!) but hey, fashion has to be sellable and wearable and Scanlan Theodore is very successful at both.

I am honestly not a fan of Scanlan Theodore (sorry!!!) but I know so many girls who are, and they rock it so well in their corporate ensembles.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

This black glossy two-piece set was a little out there for Scanlan Theodore, but quite cool!

Reminds me of Trinity from The Matrix.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2018 - Day 1

And Viktoria & Woods showed off their effortless wardrobe staples, featuring lots of linen, pastels and greys.

Again, I felt this collection seemed a bit flat coming down the catwalk, when compared to the others, as it all looked like very wearable, comfortable, smart/casual everyday wear.

But hey, I think their clothes are pretty awesome, hitting the trifecta of modern stylish, good quality and good price.

That’s a wrap for Opening Night!

I’ll be heading to the Fashion Festival every night, so do take a peek on my Instagram feed for updates!