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Cleo Luxe Jewellery Review

5 September 2018

Brought to you by The Peach Box

The Peach Box - Cleo Luxe

I’ve been a fan of The Peach Box for years! I think their styles, range, quality is excellent, stylish and very affordable, especially when compared with jewellery from other high street fashion stores.

I own a few of their bangles and watches, which I bought on my own or were gifted. I bought two bangles about 3 years ago and I still wear them!

I like the way their pieces match – so you can buy a few items and wear them together, without having to think too much when rushing in the mornings.

Over the years, I’ve found that they do tend to look a bit dirty and “tarnished” (as it is with all fashion jewellery) but I just give them a good polish with a slightly damp cleaning cloth and they seriously look like new.

The Peach Box - Cleo Luxe

The Peach Box have recently launched their Cleo Luxe Collection – a range of bold earrings and dainty necklaces.

What sets this range apart is that all the jewellery feature 18K gold plated jewellery. There are some silver pieces which are stainless steel.

The team sent over some items (that I selected) for me to test out.

They looked really good. And they looked and felt like good quality pieces.

Then I popped into my local mall and had a peek at some high street fashion stores, so I could compare the quality of fashion jewellery currently in the market. I’m happy to say that these are FAR BETTER than Zara, Sportsgirl, Country Road, Witchery and some of the brands from Myer or David Jones.

I rate these pieces similar to the ‘cult’ jewellery brands you’d find in boutiques.

The Peach Box - Cleo Luxe

These are the Pearl Pendulum Earrings. I thought they might look a bit dorky, because they are not symmetrical and the pearls are obviously not real.

But it turns out that these are my favourite to wear hehe. I like them because they are different, fun, cute, still a bit dainty and they have a luxurious modern look to them.

They are very different to my classic stud earrings, which I wear all the time and do get a bit boring.

They don’t look or feel cheap. They look really nice actually, and I’ve been happy to wear them with everything.

As you can see from my outfit above, they give the whole outfit a little modern lift.

These sell for $54.00 AUD.

The Peach Box - Cleo Luxe

These are my second favourite pair – the Open Disk Earrings.

I looooove the brushed metal finish and they are 18K gold plated.

Again they are very minimal and modern looking, but with a bold tribal and slightly oriental kind of feel.

They are a nice fresh change for me, and I love wearing these with a tee and skirt.

These are also $54.00 AUD.

The Peach Box - Cleo Luxe

These Tribal Disk Earrings are a little bigger and bolder than the others. And I think because of the larger size and chunkier shape, I haven’t worn these as much as the other two.

It has a similar brush finished as the previous pair and it is also 18K gold plated.

Again these sell for $54.00 AUD.

My other pick would be the Coil Drop Earrings, which are less bold, but still modern and minimal. And they are slightly more affordable at $48.00 AUD.


Special Discount Code

The lovely team at The Peach Box have given me a special discount code to share with my readers.

Simply use the code “karenlycheng” and enjoy 15% off at the checkout.

Hope you find something you like for the new Spring season!