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Finished Reading: Ghost Empire by Richard Fidler

28 June 2018

Ghost Empire by Richard Fidler

One thing I love about my husband is that he is a fast reader. This means, I can pass him a book and say, “Please read this. I want to talk to someone about it”.

So we are our own little book club!

The two of us, snuggled on a couch on a Friday night, bitching about character development, writing style and plot arches haha!

While I read my last book, Istanbul by Bettany Hughes (I wrote about it here), my husband read this other book about Istanbul/Constantinople: Ghost Empire by Richard Fidler.

Then we swapped. But of course, he finished his book much faster than I did.

Richard Fidler is a well known Australian radio presenter, podcast interviewer and writer, with an interest in Istanbul starting since he was a teenager.

Richard goes on a journey with his teenage son to Istanbul and tells many, MANY fascinating stories about the city and it’s history.

But it’s not a typical historic book.

It is an easy-to-read, well-written, quick-to-digest run down about the BIG events surrounding Istanbul/Constantinople.

Personally, I found it jumped around a lot and it wasn’t linear, which annoyed me.

But overall, it was a great read and I really enjoyed the way he brought the stories to life.

No joke, it was like a real life Game of Thrones.