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Hard Gel Nails from Glamour Nail Bar

23 June 2018

Glamour Nail Bar

Before: Eeek I’m a bit embarrassed to share this haha! But hey this is real life for me.

These are my 4 week old shellac nails. I’m impressed the shellac even lasted 4 weeks. Usually they peel/lift off after 2 weeks, but they were starting to crack and one had lifted off the day before. My nails are so brittle and damaged from the shellac process, I really hate the cycle I’m stuck in, but I keep doing it because at least it gives me nice nails for 2 weeks.

I’ve never been to a high-end nail salon before. I’ve only ever been to cheap and cheerful shopping centre nail shops, where the ladies don’t speak any English.

Glamour Nail Bar

After: And this is me, after having Hard Gel Nails done at Glamour Nail Bar. I looooove them!

The results and whole experience was frankly AMAZING!

The nail technicians from Glamour Nail Bar are true professionals. They really care for your nail and shape each nail to utter perfection. They don’t just slap on the polish, throw you under the lamp and kick you out after your 30 minute time slot. Yes it’s a bit more expensive, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

They share expert advice, nail care, nail tips and explanations about nails treatments and process. I was even able to ask tricky questions and I learned so much about nail stuff. I’ve never had that before!

This nail service was kindly gifted to me in exchange for some social media posts, I wasn’t required to write a blog post about the process, but I got so many direct messages about it, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned.

How are Hard Gel Nails different to Shellac Gel Nails?

When you have shellac (or gel polish), they file/grind your nails to make them smooth, give you a base coat, then put shellac polish on top.

When you go back, they strip the shellac off, file/grind your nail again, then start over, therefore damaging and weakening your nails over time.

For “hard gel nails” (similar but different to acrylic nails) they file your nails and use a base coat (as they do with Shellac/gel polish), THEN they add a few layers of “hard gel” to build up on your nails. Kind of like a layer of gel putty that hardens with UV light.

They can fix broken nails, fill in bumps, make your nail lengths equal, extend your nails (omg so amazing), smooth out unevenness, make them all the same shape… by shaping/grinding the hard gel NOT your actual nail!

The result is ultra perfect nails!

I doesn’t look blobby or rippled or streaked. They are super strong and they look so natural.

When you go back for hard gel refills they don’t take it off, they just file the hard gel back (NOT your nail), fill in the base of the nail and smooth it all back to perfection again.

It’s a bit more expensive. And if you take the hard gels off and on again, it does cause damage to your nail bed (similar damage as shellac).

But the smooth finish is so perfect, my nails are the same length, and I love the added strength they give my nails. I might keep them on and go for refills in 3 weeks.

In my opinion, it lasts for much longer than shellac nails. My nails feels strong. I have accidentally flicked them on tabletop, scraped the on the concrete floor, pried open my car keys, pulled ring can open, and smash my nails on the wall… they haven’t chipped, or cracked or anything.

A great big thank you to the team at Glamour Nail Bar!

Glamour Nail Bar, Subiaco
423 Hay Street, Subiaco

Glamour Nail Bar, Cockburn Central
Shop 1 / 2 Points Way, Cockburn

You can book appointments online (so good!)

And their Instagram page is full of amazing nail photos and super inspiring!