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Today was a great day!

16 June 2018

Teenagers can be surprisingly fun sometimes.

It’s rare.

But when it happens, it’s pretty magical.

The other night. I was in the SAME ROOM as my 15, 13 and 9 year old boys.

I was rolling sushi with one boy. We were watching youTube videos to see how to get the correct rolling technique, but the guy doing the video tutorial looked like an American cowboy? So we all starting talking like cowboys while rolling sushi?

Music was blasting through the house because another boy was “educating us” with his elite R&B playlist and we were all trying to sing (which involved rapping very badly, trying not to say the “N” word and lots of laughing).

Another boy was trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube, following instructions that he printed off earlier, eating all the sushi scraps and counting all the swear words in the rap songs.

We were chatting, rapping, eating, talking about random things… they were also teaching me Fortnite dances (omg hilarious).

Aaaand there were no fights, no bickering, no rude/sarcastic/demeaning remarks, no teasing, taunting or tantrums!

We were like… a bunch of grown up friends having a very fun evening together?!

It was amazing.

How did this great day happen? Well, books/articles will say things like “get teenagers involved”, “be interested in their interests”, “show them you care”, “spend time with them, listen, don’t be judgemental” blah blah blah. (Yeah well, even when we do all those things, they usually just end up fighting and bickering anyway.)

The answer: My boys all woke up in a good mood one day. And that’s it.

Us parents do what we can and some days we get lucky.

(I’m sure this parenting thing will pay off some day!)

Sushi Rolls for Dinner
And here’s a photo of our sushi rolls.