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Wearing: Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

13 June 2018

Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

I love a good “jeans and nice top combo”!

Especially when it’s a super-fancy statement top, that’s possibly bordering on over the top :)

Shopbop is currently having a Sale On Sale Event and you might be able to get some great stuff for up to 70% – amazing! Simply use the code “SCORE18″ at the check out to score an additional 25% off your order.

I was soooo please to get this Self Portrait Top during their last Shopbop Sale.

I’m a bit obsessed about this brand. I love all their lace dresses and statement ruffle tops.

I’m slightly worried that in a few years I’d go “what was I thinking?!” but I have a good hunch that expertly ruffled and draped tops will still be in fashion, especially when worn to a cocktail function or special event.

I’d be able to wear this with black pants, mini, midi and maxi black skirts, white pants… the list goes on.

Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

This top is actually a “one shoulder” top, but I’ve dropped one shoulder to make it an “off shoulder” top.

The only issue I have is the sizing. I’m usually a Size AU 6 or UK6… which usually translates to a US 0.

This top is a UK 4 / US 0… so it’s a tiny bit squeezy for me. It fits perfectly on my body/waist and it stays put. It’s a little tight at the arm holes and shoulders… so I won’t be reaching up high to get wine glasses from a top cupboard or anything haha.

I have another Self Portrait top that is UK 6/ US 2, which is a better fit at the arm holes and shoulder, but a bit loose at the waist, so it slides up/down.

But they are still very wearable for me!

Do check out the special tops (Blouses or Tops for a Night Out) over at Shopbop if you’re keen for something similar.

Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

My bag is the Bamboo Circle Bag by Cult Gaia.

I knew this bag would be delicate when I got it! And after using it a few times, YES it is super fragile and I’m quite afraid of smashing the wood against something or snapping the string that holds it all together.

So I simply use it as I would a small clutch: holding only my phone, card case, and a small leather pouch for my lipstick and keys.

Not very practical, but sooooo pretty haha – I guess it’s a similar story if you love mini handbags.

I also like this Black Acrylic Luna Circle Bag by Cult Gaia, it’d be easy to clean and a bit more flexible (maybe?). But that one is a little more expensive.

Jeans are Karolina Jeans by GRLFRND

Shoes are by Diavolina (currently selling at Zomp).

Trumpet Pearl Earrings are by Kailis Jewellery – so stunning!

Happy shopping and hope you find something you like!