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Wearing: Kitten-Heel Slingback Shoes

22 May 2018

Kitten Heel Slingbacks

Over the last few months, I’ve been getting lots of people asking me about my kitten heel slingback shoes.

I LOVE kitten heels for everyday wear. They are just a little bit more dressed-up, but comfy enough to wear all day.

I’ve posted about them so many times – they are Tibi Kitten Heels, but unfortunately they are sold out.

Here are some other lovely options, made from leather, that I would buy, if I didn’t already have my Tibi ones.

Shopbop Black Slingbacks



I really like these ones. They are Diane von Furstenberg Mortelle Slingback Pumps and I love the look of them paired with jeans or a midi skirt. Sometimes I scroll through the rest of the Shopbop site and I see a model wearing these shoes (with a different outfit), I think “Omg those look gorgeous!” – happened 5-6 times already. Might be a sign?


These are Sam Edelman Ludlow Slingback Pumps. They are almost exactly the same as my Tibi ones, except the shape of the toe cover. This style is probably a bit more “classic”, “timeless” and much more affordable than my Tibi ones :)


Shopbop Black Slingbacks


These Sam Edelman Raya Slingback Flats look super lovely! Comfy, practical, perfect for everyday wear, casual but still a bit dressed-up. I would definitely get these in a snap, if I didn’t have my current ones!


I have almost exactly these Steven Lourdes Slingback Flats but in white, which I bought from ASOS (not leather). I wished I bought a proper leather one in the first place, because I wear them ALL THE TIME. I won’t buy a replacement pair until my old ones break, because it’s quite silly/wasteful right?!

Happy shopping!