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Review: Grana Tencel Skirt

5 March 2018

Grana Tencel Skirt

Mid-length wrap skirts, ruffle skirts and patterned skirts are currently an awesome way to update your style.

They are easy to wear with a t-shirt or camisole, and easy to wear with heels, flats and even sneakers.

For today’s post, I was sent a Grana Tencel Skirt to try out. As always, I’m not getting paid for this, and I’m pretty honest and reasonable with my reviews and sharing what I think. The folks at Grana just send me the item, they don’t tell me to “please say this” or “please mention that”… they just leave it up to me to say whatever the hell I want!

Firstly, I was quite amazed when I read up about TENCEL (I thought it was a daggy 90s thing?).

Grana’s version is a 100% biodegradable fabric that is made of wood pulp from sustainably managed Eucalyptus tree plantations that focus on minimising environmental impact. Apparently Eucalyptus trees grow fast, without fertilisers, chemicals or irrigation.

(I can vouch for that, because I’ve been to the middle of the Australian dessert and there is LITERALLY NOTHING out there… and a shit load of Eucalyptus trees haha!)

I find it so impressive that it is completely biodegradable, it looks pretty good, and it doesn’t cost $330 or something ridiculous like that.


Omg it is super soft, yet robust. It has a lovely weight and a really nice, luxurious drape.

It has a slightly denim look to it, in texture and thickness. But it’s much, much softer than cotton/denim. It kind of feels like a mix between jersey and slinky rayon. (Am I making sense here??)

I’ve turned down the contrast in the photos so you can see that there is a bit of a fuzzy texture, like velvetly suede, but not really. It’s not a pure “black” colour, it’s more of a dark grey.

I am such a fan of this fabric! I want more! I love it!

Grana Tencel Skirt


Ok here is where it gets a bit tricky.

I am usually a size XXS for Grana dresses, shirts, pants and camisoles. When trying to decide which size to get, I checked the sizing and measurements on the product page… and my measurements were somewhere in between the XXS and XS.

I was a bit confused and unsure. So I emailed the customer service and they replied and said that: from my measurements, I should get the XXS .

The XXS skirt arrived and it fits me PERFECTLY around the waist and hips. You can probably tell it is a good fit from my photos – yay!

A few issues:

The garment description says “Wear true to size for a loose fit

It is my true and usual size… but honestly I wouldn’t call it a loose fit.

I would say: It is pretty fitted! Don’t eat a large meal in this one!

(The fabric has no stretch.)

So if I wanted a looser fit, personally I’d go ONE size up and wear it lower on my hips.


The garment description says “Style intended as a modern work skirt

I totally get that the style is long, minimal and versatile and thus good for work.

But for this XXS size, the split actually goes up REALLY HIGH on me – like, party, sexy kind of high. So I don’t think I would wear it to work!

When I take a larger-than-normal-step, the skirt split opens up to *just* under my underwear. Not work appropriate.

Again, perhaps this would have been avoided if I just ordered a size XS and worn the skirt lower on my hips.

If you look at the image on the product page, the model is wearing the skirt on her hips, the split is much lower, and it looks pretty relaxed and effortless on her.

Grana Tencel Skirt

Overall opinion:

Personally, the two issues I mentioned, aren’t really big issues for me. They are more of a potential sizing issue for someone who is actually looking for a loose-fitted, work skirt.

Truth is, the skirt fits me perfectly. I absolutely adore it! I have pretty much worn it with every t-shirt that I own already and it looks so good. I’ve worn it for day (with sneakers) to night (with a singlet and heels).

I like that it’s a bit sexy, and I don’t mind that it reveals some leg when I walk. I like that it’s fitted, hugs my curves and makes me look slim. I think it suits my petite frame.

I can’t wait for the temperature to drop, so I can wear it with boots!

And it’s 100% biodegradable! Amazing!

Special Discount Code

If you’re a new customer, please feel free to use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!

(I’ve tried to ask them for a discount code for existing customers, but they can’t do that at the moment! Oh well!)