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Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats

8 February 2018

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

The most perfect addition to my shoe family!

I recently bought myself these Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats (they are still on 60% sale!).

Yes the style is a few years old, but I’m not really bothered about that. I like the idea of building a personal wardrobe with items that I adore, not necessarily what is currently trendy.

And I loooove the chic, boho Parisian feel of these flats!

They are very different to the rest of my shoes, which is important for me. As I don’t want to own 5 classic/statement shoes that all look the same.

A lot of fashion advisors would call Ballet Flats as “a building block for a classic wardrobe”. They’re right. Ballet flats will never go out of style!

But my thinking is: I already have so many classic pieces, that my classic wardrobe is looking a bit boring and kind of looks just like everyone else’s classic wardrobe!

I wanted to go a little beyond just plain ballet flats. I wanted to add a little style and personality to my building blocks haha!

So… I whittled my selections to these three lace up flats:

Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats, the Aquazzura Christy Flats or the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Noir Ballerinas (not really lace ups but they look kind of laced-up). The latter two were a bit more expensive and… well, I didn’t want too many pointed toe shoes.

Besides, like I said, I love the slightly boho casual feel of these, and these won because of their price.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

I bought them from The Outnet. They were 60% off (still on sale)!

The tan coloured ones are also on sale, as are a whole heap of Isabel Marant items.

Because they were an old style, I did find them listed for sale on pre-loved designer sale sites, but they were all slightly scuffed, or the leather was slightly different. I decided to pay a little extra to buy them brand new, as I specifically wanted the suede leather and I plan to keep and wear them for years to come.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

They have more of an almond toe style, and they are not a completely round toe. From the side, they still look a bit pointed and tapered, so that’s another thing I like about these.

They are soooo comfortable!!

But they are pretty tricky to get on and off. If I walk through a bit of dirt or sand, omg, sand always gets flicked up into the shoe, falls deep between my toes and scratches against my skin. And it’s not easy to slip them off and clean out the dirt. That’s a down side of the lace ups, I guess.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

I’ve seen some photos of people lacing along the edge of the shoe, not criss-crossed across the foot, so I might try that one day.

I also noticed that Isabel Marant relaunched a slightly modified Leo Ballet Flat style last year (AW17) in smooth leather, with slightly bigger eyelets and leather lacing. I guess that means people still love and buy this style, which is good to know.

I can’t wait to wear them more in the seasons ahead!