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Fitness Update: Twilight Running

11 January 2018

Sunset Running

Ahh I loooove the long days of summer.

And I loooove running at twilight.

This has been our evening schedule:

My husband usually comes home from work at 6pm. By then I’ll have dinner cooked and I’ll head out the door for my run. My husband will eat dinner with the kids and take them to the park too.

At the moment the sun sets at 7:30pm, so I have a delicious golden hour to enjoy my run.

The best thing about running in the evenings:

I DON’T have to wear sunscreen all over my arms, shoulders, neck and chest!

I really hate putting so much sunscreen on myself when I run, because I get SO hot and SO sweaty… and by the end of my run, I feel greasy, sticky and so so so gross.

I just wear sunscreen on my face, even at 6pm. This might be unnecessary, but to me it’s like a moisturiser, so sun protection is just a bonus really.

Also, the temperature in the evenings is perfect for running. I could wake up at 4:30am for a run to get a similar perfect twilight and temperature, but that’s not going to happen!

Here’s my fitness schedule for the past week or so:

Sunday – Run

Monday – Weight Training (at night)

Tuesday – Yoga

Wednesday – Date night!

Thursday – HIIT Workout + Run

Friday – Nothing

Saturday – Yoga

My husband also does some kind of activity / exercise everyday. But he does more cycling, weights and walks.

I wouldn’t say we’re exercise buddies, and we are definitely not hardcore fitness freaks (haha!), but we keep each other in check, which is a great thing!