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What I Wore: My Perfect Summer Outfit

6 January 2018

Summer Denim

We’re well into summer here in Australia.

And if I had to choose my Perfect Summer Outfit: I wouldn’t go for floral fabrics, colourful skirts, or a crisp white dresses.

I’d go for this: An off-shoulder tee, denim skirt, pointed toe flats and a simple handbag.

Nice and simple!

I’d probably throw on a straw hat too.

Summer Denim

Top: I’m wearing an old season top from Forecast (bought on The Iconic), and I like it because it is fitted at the waist, so it makes me look slimmer! Also it’s made from a thick, stretchy t-shirt material so it is super comfortable.

Here are some similar “fitted” off-shoulder styles – Julii Top from MNG (only $25), Bardot Top from Superdry (only $50, but it’s a bodysuit). This style is surprisingly hard to find.

Denim skirt: I’m wearing a no brand one from Japan. But here are some similar styles – Edee Skirt by Atmos+Here ($30), Piper Skirt by Nobody ($150) and Gioh Skirt from IRO ($175).

Flats: These were a risky buy from ASOS. They are White Slingbacks by London Rebel. They looked cute but also looked a bit weird/different online, and I wasn’t 100% convinced that I would actually wear them. They were originally $73 and were discounted to $18 – which wasn’t a good sign either.

In the end, I bought them and I love wearing them everywhere now!

Bag: Eeeek I looooove my new 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Clutch bag! I have to be honest, part of me wanted to save for a Gucci bag, but I had a gift card from Shopbop and after a long decision, I decided to pick up this bag instead.

I’m so happy I did. I absolutely love that it’s a bit different. I can fit so much stuff in it, including my camera. Not many people have seen it before, yet I still get a lot of comments and conversation about it. Full review coming soon.

Sunnies: Good old classic Baby Audreys from Celine.

Have a fab weekend!