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The Magic of a Song List

4 January 2018

It’s about 10pm right now. I’m sitting in our living room. By myself.

My husband and 12yo boy are out of town for a few days, visiting some friends. So it’s just me, my 14yo and 8yo.

Earlier this evening I had a terrible few hours of trying to get my 8yo to stop playing computer games, eat his dinner, brush his teeth and go to bed. Arguments, tantrums, tears! So much shouting. So many horrible things said out of anger (him and me). Ergh I shouldn’t have let him play computer games at that time of day.

It was 9pm by the time he got to bed. I was exhausted, shaken and frazzled. It was probably 8/10 on the awfulness scale. I was on the verge of tears or some kind of nervous breakdown. (I think most people in my position would pour themselves a glass of wine?)

Sensing I needed a bit of cheering up, my 14yo leapt up to show me this “cool new thing” on the internet ( where you can put together your favourite songs from 2017 on Spotify – it was so sweet of him! He put together a song list for me, he was all chirpy, smiley and full of jokes, he showed me how to play it, then he volunteered to do the dishes, wash the pots, clean up the kitchen, and left me to enjoy my music.

Aww man. What a sweetie. I felt so lucky. What an amazing young man he’s growing up to be.

I did shed a tear or two, but they were happy ones.

(On a side note, apparently I listened to 69,538 minutes of music this year!)

Edit: My 8yo woke up and gave me a cuddle and kiss on the cheek the next morning. He said sorry for the fight and he promised to work on having a better day. He even suggested things we could do together to that would make me happy.

Sigh. He’s also such a sweet boy, who’s crazy-super-devoted to me… when he’s not being a monster haha!