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Hello 2018! Happy New Year!

1 January 2018

New Year Eve

Happy New Year my lovely readers!

How did you celebrate the new year? Me? I went to bed at 11pm and read until 12:30am, pausing for a moment to acknowledge the faint sounds of fireworks in the distance haha!

Yesterday I went to hot yoga in the morning and I was so tired by the afternoon that I had to take a nap.

Then we went to my parent’s house for a swim and New Year’s Eve dinner. They invited their closest friends (all 50 of them!) and we had the most delicious homemade Singapore/Malaysian food ever.

All the aunties were in the kitchen, cooking, grilling, cutting, mixing, marinading, tossing, washing, for hours! In the summer heat! It was soooo much work and I admired them for their dedication… and their desire to throw a good party for their friends?!

My husband left he party early at 9pm. He took my kids to visit his dad, to eat some Scottish Black Bun and have a dram of whiskey (so Scottish!). Obviously the kids didn’t have any whiskey.

I stayed on to help with the cleaning up. Then my parents and their friends started to sing karaoke and play mahjong, at which point I left the party (about 10:30pm).

I pretty much gave all my Aunties and Uncles a goodbye hug and said, “Yeah I’m off to bed. Enjoy the countdown! Don’t get too drunk! Please don’t drink and drive! Stay hydrated! And don’t gamble too much!”

They are a bunch of party animals haha!

New Year Eve

As for my outfit, I actually wore this last week.

If you check out my last few outfits, you’ll notice that I’ve been sticking to ruffles, jeans and pumps. So boring but hey it’s a good formula!

White Ruffle Off Shoulder Top (now $11) is from ASOS. Such great buy! The top is made from a cotton, similar to  a business shirt, and the stiffness of the cotton helps hold the shape of the ruffles. But the body tends to boof out and makes me look like I have a pot belly.

Petite Candice Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans from GRLFRND.

Bailey Belt by Lovers + Friends Belts.

Mini Alix Clutch in Fawn (currently on sale!!) by 3.1 Phillip Lim. The larger version of Alix Clutch is here, also in black (which I have!) but it’s not on sale.

Marc Bale Rose Gold Mesh Watch is from The Peach Box.

Enjoy your start to the new year!

(Btw, how wonky does my eye makeup look in my top photo haha!! I have no idea what is going on there. I suspect my hair created a shadow over my eye and make it look darker and uneven. No one seemed to notice it or comment on it when I wore it (unless they were being really polite??) so I’m sure my eye shadow was even when I left the house! Haha!)