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Ending the Year with Hot Yoga

31 December 2017

Hot Yoga on New Years Eve

I ate soooo much over the Christmas break. So much ham. So much chicken.

And like every good new year cliche, I decided to end the year doing something positive – rather than ending up a food coma!

It’s been 9 months (I think) since I’ve been to a hot yoga class. I was very surprised that I could keep up with the instructor. I did quite well! So happy!

But I forgot about all the sweat. Omg the sweat!

Imagine someone using a water spray bottle and squirting it into your armpits, until the water is dripping – no trickling – like a little stream, down your body, puddling in your bra strap. It’s such a weird sensation.

And who would have thought that sweat was so salty?!

It was pouring down my face, dripping into the corners of my mouth (Bleh! I was drinking my own sweat! You can’t really spit on the ground in class! Gotta sip it up! Eeew!). And my eyes too. I was wincing in pain from the salt stinging my eyes, making my vision blurry. I tried to wipe my eyes with my shoulder, but my shoulder, my forearm, the back of my hands were all soaking wet.

I was pretty much having a shower in my own sweat.

But you know, it all isn’t that bad.

The ultimate gross-ness is AFTER the class: It’s when I am returning my borrowed foam block to the back of the studio hall, walking across the floor and stepping in the puddles of OTHER PEOPLE’S SWEAT. Then dragging the collective sweat around the floor and stepping in other people’s collective sweat + feet sweat, which has been there for a a bit longer, so it’s slightly colder sweat.

Haha it’s sooooo gross!!

But thankfully I had a shower and I felt that beeeaaaautiful glow all over my body that reminded me why I love it so much. Kinda!