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Please Tell Me It’s Not Just Me.

8 November 2017

Aaarrrgh my kids have been DRIVING ME INSANE THIS WEEK!!!!


Fighting with me. Fighting with each other.

Whinging and bickering over the smallest things. Screaming, shouting because one of his siblings LOOKED at him.

One is constantly negative. Constantly complaining. Talking back. Putting others down. Arguing for the sake of arguing. So much attitude.

Another just spends all day purposely annoying everyone else! So naughty, unpleasant, rude and intentionally provocative!

Another has just lost his brain. Forgets to do the simplest things. Forgets to follow instruction. Constantly distracted and absent minded. Breaking things because he just doesn’t think!? Throwing my knives into the sink like darts? Trying to “bottle flip” a glass of milk? Why? There’s no logic to anything he does!

All are so ungrateful! So unwilling! So lazy!

Why do I have to ask a thousand times for something to be done?!

Why are they complaining about putting their shoes away?

Why do they have to bicker? Why can’t they get along???

Sometimes I think, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m stressed. Maybe I’m not showing any attention to them. Maybe I’ve let them get away with too much. Maybe I need to enforce some stricter rules. Maybe they have too much screen leisure time. Maybe it’s a bit of everything.

Right now they have ZERO screen time. And they are ALL grounded. And we’ve been shouting, lecturing and punishing them every single day.

I’ve been in tears every night. I feel like a horrible parent and a horrible person. Ugh.

Can I just leave them somewhere and I’ll come back to collect them when they are 25?