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Fancy Sliding

31 October 2017

Hi everyone!

I’ve been crazy about fancy slides. I love mine because they go nicely with blue jeans, black jeans and black pants – which is pretty much what I wear 80% of the time!

They add a nice hint of colour to my very BLACK + WHITE + GREY + DENIM wardrobe.

They’ll be around for a few more seasons, so I’ve got my eye on a few “affordable” styles.

I checked out Zara the other day, their slides are still about $60-$80 and the quality were OK. Anything cheaper (under $50) didn’t feel very nice to wear. So I found a few fancy slides from Shopbop, between AU$110 – AU$160 to share:

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

Steven Valent Mules (A$143.05) – Oooh I like these so much. They will be perfect with my blue denim + white t-shirts. A very versatile colour combination, without being “too colourful”.

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

Jeffrey Campbell Jena2 Pom Pom Mules (A$164.05) – These are a bit special! They are pretty much a more affordable version of Aquazzura’s flats with pom poms. However these cost um… 6 times less and these have a cute heel.

Being silver makes it a bit more versatile, as it’s a “neutral colour”.

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

The Fix Fay 2 Mules (A$111.55) – These are super pretty! I love the hint of red and pinks. Once again, they’ll be perfect for casual wear (that is, white t-shirt and blue denim).

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

Jeffrey Campbell Claes Mules (A$131.24) – These are a little more fancy! The blue is super striking, but they will go perfectly with a monochrome outfit.

Happy browsing or shopping!