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Keeping Fit with Workout Videos at Home

30 October 2017

Working Out with Sudio Regent

I’ve been getting back into a routine of doing video workouts at home!

Usually I have a list of sets to do, such as 10 x jump squats, 10 x jack knives, 20 x pushups.

But sometimes I want to MIX IT UP and I need some ideas on things to do.

So I really enjoy doing video workouts on Youtube, because they are quick and easy (28 minutes and you’re done!), convenient, easy to set up, I don’t have to drive anywhere, I can squeeze them in anytime, and I can just wear my crappy gym clothes haha!

It’s an easy way to get my heart rate up, sweat a bit, and get my endorphins going.

But it does take some discipline to MAKE time and COMMIT to them, as I can get easily distracted at home haha.

I like using videos from the Nike Training Club, Fitness Blender and Blogilaties.

Working Out with Sudio Regent

I also enjoy doing my workouts with wireless headphones, because I can just do it quietly in the front room and no one will bother me.

I can just ZONE OUT AND GET ON WITH IT, without my kids wandering in and going — “What are you doing mum? Can I join in mum? What’s a caterpillar pose? Am I doing it right? This is stupid mum!”

Last month, I shared an in-depth review of my on-ear wireless headphones by Sudio Sweden. I went through the sound quality, material quality, style and price, pros and cons.

Anyway, the lovely team at Sudio Sweden have given me a 15% off discount to share with my readers.

Simply use the coupon code “KARENLYCHENG” at the checkout. Express Shipping is FREE worldwide.

These headphones are called “Regent” and come in black and white.

I’m also wearing Yoga Top from Lululemon and leggings by Leggings by Varley.