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John Taylor Watches: Every Moment is Precious

26 September 2017

John Taylor Watch

I made a new friend last year. She’s one of those lovely people, who, whenever I catch up with her, makes me think – Wow, I wish I could be just as lovely, graceful, and genuine as her!

It’s so rare to know a person like that in your life. And I’m pretty excited to be working with her on this blog post.

John Taylor WatchesAnoushka and her husband have two young daughters. When her oldest daughter, Isabella was 6 months old, she was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (cancer of the eyes).

She had a whole series of therapies, chemotherapy, and her right eye was removed. Isabella is now 10 years old, cancer free, and still uses a prosthetic eye, but of course there are many medical repercussions that may arise as Isabella grows up, including trips to the US to see eye specialists and future treatments.

So out of love and determination to invest in their future, they created a small business, John Taylor Watches, to help raise funds for their family.

I really love that. I love that they chose to create a watch that symbolises “every moment is precious”.

I admire that they are both juggling full-time and part-time work, trying to raise a family, and they’re prepared to take a risk, take a step out of their comfort zone to create a livelihood based around what they love (fashion, style, marketing, branding), despite all their hardships.

The Timepieces

John Taylor Watches

John Taylor Watches

John Taylor WatchesThey look great!

But lets’ talk about the quality.

I am a blogger and yup, watch companies from all over the globe send me watches to feature and will happily pay for a good review. Yes I have featured a few watches on my blog before, but I have also said NO quite a few times too.

My issue is the quality vs. price.

I’m not expecting Patek Phillipe or Rolex quality.

I just want my watch to NOT feel cheap and hollow, NOT have poor quality leather, NOT have sharp metal edges, and NOT be so expensive!

I once received a watch which had soft, floppy leather, which was a bit thin, didn’t feel nice on my skin and felt a little cheap, and certainly not worth it’s $239 price tag. I had to send it back.

As for my John Taylor watch (I’ve got this one), it is much the opposite!

John Taylor Watches
It has a lovely weight. The case is a large size that I like.

It has a very nice finish to it and doesn’t look cheap. I like the minimal, brushed metal look. The Italian leather is soft (but not too soft and not too stiff), it has a good thickness, good strength and firmness. I love its classic and timeless look. And I like that it’s unisex too.

It’s super lovely! I get so many comments about it.

They are all priced at AUD$159, with free worldwide shipping.

It’s such a good price for the quality.

It’s also a great gift.

(Btw, I haven’t been paid to write this post. I spotted a watch on Anoushka’s wrist one day, asked to try it on and really liked it! I was so impressed by its quality compared to all the other watches I have received, and I really wanted to share it on my blog. So she sent me a watch and I’ve been wearing mine for months. I even wore it on my big road trip to Uluru!)

John Taylor Watches


John Taylor and I are collaborating to give away a watch to one of my readers!

First place winner will be randomly selected and receive a John Taylor watch of their choice.

Then, I know lots of people miss out, (because there’s only one winner!) if you’re interested, please let me know if you’d like to go into a second draw to receive a $50 off discount if you’d like to buy a watch anyway. I’ll randomly pick 3 winners for the secondary draw.

How To Enter:

1) Head over to the John Taylor Watches website, find the NAME of the watch you’d love to win. Don’t worry if it’s sold out, they come back into stock very regularly.

2) Optional – If you’d like to go into a secondary draw for a $50 discount, just mention “Yes to the discount!”.

3) Two ways to enter: Either email me at and tell me the NAME of the watch you’d love to win, mention if you’d like to try for the discount. Or enter on my Instagram post (slightly different way to enter).

You can enter using both ways (once each)!

4) Giveaway begins today, 26 September and ends on 6 October 2017 midnight. Open to my readers worldwide.

Good luck! It’s a great watch!