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What I Wore: Topshop Khaki Coat

15 August 2017

Topshop Coat

Hi everyone!

Don’t mind my salty, distant gaze. The other evening I was trying to upgrade my website, but I accidentally broke it! I was up to 1am (possibly 2am) trying to Google-learn PHP and how to connect an SQL database back to my WordPress files — akkk!

I managed to do it in the end. I felt pretty smart (like a coding boss yo!), but oh did it hurt.

I have a new version of my website coming soon. I can’t wait to reveal it, after all, I’ve been working on it on the side of my regular projects for the last 2 years ha!

Topshop Coat

I still had a meeting to go to the next day, so I threw on something easy – which was basically a repeat of something I wore the day before!

I bought this Khaki Coat from Topshop in London earlier this year. It’s still selling on the website!

It’s such a lovely coat. It feels way more expensive than the price I paid for it. The quality of the outer layer is smooth and soft. The lining, construction, fabric, weight, seams, edges, hem and button holes are all fantastic.

There is a very “average” review on the product page, but I think that person is reviewing a completely different coat, because she mentions a removable fur collar and gold buttons – where this coat didn’t have fur collar or gold buttons. So feel free to ignore her comments haha.

I’m wearing the UK6 (I’m usually AU6) and the coat fits nicely across the shoulders/back and the arms are a good length. I definitely recommend it!

Topshop Coat

Also wearing my Equipment Silk Shirt, Frame Le Color Skinny Jeans, ASOS Mules, A.P.C Handbag.