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A mid-week brunch at Pixel Coffee

27 July 2017

Pixel Coffee

My husband and I snuck off for a cheeky coffee and mid-week brunch to celebrate being home after our 4 week road trip.

A mid-week brunch! What a treat. We almost never have brunch!

But we were happy to splurge, especially at one of my favourite coffee spots in Leederville: Pixel Coffee.

I had the Butterbean Mushrooms ($21.90), field mushrooms on Mary Street Bakery sourdough with poached eggs, butterbean spread, chimichurri, dehydrated enoki, truffle oil and walnut herb salad.
Pixel Coffee, Leederville

My husband had the Avocado Smash ($17.90) with Mary Street Bakery sourdough, poached eggs, avocado, Persian feta, seed salad and lemon oil.

It was so good to sit down, debrief, lay out some plans and reset our goals so we can head into the last half of the year!

And after being home just a few days, we are already starting to plan our next holiday adventure!