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Homemade Laksa (Kind of)

10 July 2017

Homemade Laksa (Kind of)

When the weather is cold and stormy outside, all I want to eat is hot noodle soup!

But since I don’t want to leave my house and drive to get it, I have been making my own soups and noodle meals at home. (Saves money too.)

This laksa has been my favourite lately.

The laksa sauce is from a bottle, so I just heat it up with light coconut milk.

Add some fresh noodles, roast chicken (which I freeze in packs), add a whole lot of sliced vegetables, boiled egg, lime from my tree and mint from my garden.

Sometimes I have a vegetarian version, with tofu, egg and mushroom.

Not very authentic. But it’s so good and it hits the spot!