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Modern Diamonds for Wearing Every Day

9 June 2017

Brought to you by Michael Hill

Michael Hill Geometric Ring

I own a few diamond rings. They are not huge rocks, or super bling-bling.

They are small, simple, understated and meaningful.

Gone are the days where I pile on the ring stacks, the boho costume jewellery and the mismatched styles.

These last few years, you will often just see me wearing only one ring on each hand. And one of them is my wedding ring.

Not only does this look clean and minimal, it’s also much faster for me to get dressed in the mornings haha!

I prefer the sleek, minimal, modern designs now, more so than the traditional styles.

Michael Hill Geometric Ring

I recently picked out this Geometric Ring (courtesy of Michael Hill) featuring 0.20 carat total weight of diamonds, in Sterling Silver.

I absolutely adore its stylish, modern design.

I like that it is pretty, understated and a little different to the standard band ring, but it’s not TOO different.

Michael Hill Geometric Ring

Here’s a close up.

For all you quick-eyed readers, yes I took off my wedding band to take this photo, because I can only hold my DSLR camera with my right hand, so I had to model this ring with my left hand!

I usually wear my pretty rings on the right hand.

Michael Hill Geometric Ring

In terms of outfits and how I wear it, I like the versatility of the ring.

I could wear it with a fancy cocktail dress, or I could wear it with my everyday jeans and a white shirt.

Michael Hill Geometric Ring

There were a few more Michael Hill diamond rings that caught my eye, like this Crossover Ring (which is a bit bigger than the one I chose) and this Diamond Ring which would be my ultimate non-wedding/engagement ring – I can only wish!

As I said before, I prefer the modern styles over the traditional styles.

These Spirits Bay rings are quite unique too, as they are based on the remaining shape of a Totorere Shell (Maori name for Trumpet Shell) after it has been worn down by the elements after many years.

Also, do head over to the site to check out Michael Hill’s Sale Collection!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!