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Review: Grana Silk Cashmere Boyfriend V-Neck Sweater

7 June 2017

Grana Silk Cashmere

The kind folk at Grana sent me a few pieces from their Mongolian Cashmere range to see what I thought of them.

I already own a few Grana 100% Cashmere sweaters, which are so warm, snuggly, soft and I absolutely loooove them!

Today I’m showing off their Silk Cashmere Boyfriend V-Neck Sweater, made from a blend of Chinese silk and Mongolian cashmere.

The fabric surprised me.

I didn’t like it at first. I found it to be without a clear purpose. It was not appropriate for hot days and too thin for cold days. But after trying it out for a few weeks, I realised that I was wearing it like a knitted sweater… when I should wear it more like a top for layering.

After that, I really, really liked it!

It is not fluffy or wooly at all. In fact, it is more like a very fine, lightweight knit.

It looks similar to a fine Merino knit sweater, but this silk cashmere is NOT itchy at all.

It is the opposite. It is gorgeously smooth and soft, but it still feels strong and luxurious.

Grana Silk Cashmere

In terms of warmth, it’s not a sweater!

As I said, it’s like a light knitted top, for layering.

It’s breathable, soft, light and thin, so yep, it’s great for layering without being bulky.

Grana Silk Cashmere

What I like best is the luxurious look and feel of the knit.

I could definitely wear it to an office or meeting, and still have that smart, polished look.

Or I could wear it with a metallic skirt or some other kind of statement glam skirt.

I know this a bit random, but for some reason it reminds me of something Victoria Beckham would wear – a close fitting knit that is slouchy in all the right places. And I have a slight crush on VB at the moment.

The other best thing I like about this sweater, is that it solves my layering issues.

I always had a problem when layering in cold weather.

I would pile on my nice clothes to go outside. But when I go inside, into the warmth of a restaurant or someone’s house, I take off my nice layers and I am left with a homey, Big W cotton long sleeve top haha. Which yeah, looks a bit daggy.

So this is a really nice in-between knit to have.

Grana Silk Cashmere


I’m wearing the Size XS. It’s a perfect fit for me! It’s a boyfriend style, so the sweater is a little boxy and loose fitting in the body. But it drapes beautifully.

The V-neck sits really nicely on my chest. Being small/petite, I often have a problem with v-necks that dip very low on my chest.

The cuffs are a firm fit. They are snug, not too tight. But tighter than I’m used to in a knit or a top.

I don’t hang this sweater on a hanger the normal way. I fold it in half and then I fold it over the bar of the hanger. This makes creases in it, so the fabric does need a quick iron before I wear it, which is a bit annoying. But after that, it doesn’t cease when I sit down or lean back into my chair. So it’s all good.

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