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Soaking Up The Last of Autumn

30 May 2017

Shen White Dress

I’ve been keen to soak up these last few days of autumn!

The recent spell of warm daytime sunshine has just been glorious for my soul.

But I have been racing around like crazy woman, working till 1 am then setting my alarm clock for 5am, so I can get an extra hour of work done before the kids get up.

I knew I was headed for a meltdown soon. So I booked myself in for a facial treatment and almost fell asleep on the chair. It was simply divine. It was such a perfect way to recharge.

This weekend is a long weekend, and we are headed off on a camping trip with friends to Sandy Cape, in Jurien Bay, hoping to do some hikes and caving.

Can’t wait to SWITCH OFF for a few days!

Wearing: Bell Sleeved White Embroidered DressClare V. leather bag and K.Jacques Sandals.