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It’s Getting Hot in Here

28 May 2017

Uniqlo Heattech

When I was staying in London, everyone talked about Uniqlo’s Heattech Range like it was some kind of miracle drug.

What were they talking about?

Thermal Underwear, my friends.

Cold? Uniqlo.

Feeling the chill? Uniqlo.

Going skiing in France? Uniqlo.

My mother and I travelled to London together, and yep, very often we found ourselves at a Uniqlo store… because she was keen to stock up on a few winter items. She bought a vest, a jacket, lots of thermal tops and bottoms. I think she spent about $200 – $300 there?

I resisted the temptation. I didn’t need specialised thermal underwear. I have only owned one top + bottom set in my life – which were from the crazy-expensive Icebreaker brand, made out of merino wool and cost me $99 each! And they weren’t even that great!

Anyway, I bought one white Uniqlo Heattech singlet for $15, I think.

I wore it once. It was ok. I found it a bit thin and it pilled where I tucked it into my jeans.

At the end of my London trip, I borrowed one of my mum’s Heattech Extra Warm Tops…. and WOW it was surprisingly good! So warm! Quite amazing really!

Uniqlo have 3 different levels of warmth: Heattech, Extra Warm and Ultra Warm.

So now that I’m back in Australia and the weather has turned cold, I jumped online and bought myself an Ultra Warm top and bottom set, and I am FREAKING SOLD.

This stuff is soooooo warming, comfy, soft, snuggly, breathable. I can’t get over how warm it makes me feel. It’s sooooo good and I want more of it, for me, my husband, my kids.

Good thing they have a mid-season sale on now. Just in time for winter!