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Digging Up Treasures

10 May 2017

Over the last few weekends, my husband and I have been sloooowly cleaning out our shed.

1 hour here. 2 hours there.

We have boxes and boxes of stuff that we have to sort through and to decide whether to THROW or KEEP.

We are not very good at throwing things away. We like to keep things.

So the whole process has been embarrassingly slow.

But…. we have turned up some good stuff! Behold!

Callum Drawing

These scrappy drawings were done by my oldest boy when he was about 7.

I had tucked them loose into a file full of HILARIOUS drawings he had done at home.

They were drawn on used copy paper from my husband’s office, so they were pretty scrappy.

Callum Drawing

Two questions come to mind.

Why was our 7 year old watching Indiana Jones??

And why did he not draw the Temple of Doom?

Haha I love these so much, but I don’t really know what to do with them.

Um, so I just tucked them back into the file for me to discover next time!