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What I Wore: Pinafore Woes

26 April 2017

Pinafore Woes

Hi everyone!

Last month, I was very curious to try out the whole “pinafore” or “overalls” fashion trend.

While it looks very similar to wearing a white t-shirt under a slip dress, I suspected I wouldn’t like it.

To make matters slightly ironic, I already OWN a pair of sand-coloured, linen overalls, which I bought when I was, um 16. However, it’s in storage. And I was slightly bigger back then (size 8-10), so I think it would be a bit baggy on me now.

I decided I wanted a black, mini, pinafore dress, with thin straps, no buckles (just a button), thick cotton but not denim. Damn it was hard to find!

I eventually found one and purchased this Pinafore Dress from The Iconic ($80). It’s by a brand called All About Eve, which is an Australian label that I quite like. Unfortunately the exact one has been sold out, so there are some similar ones here (ASOS).

This one (Forever New) and this one (City Beach) are almost exactly the same as the one I bought. This one was another of my options (ASOS) but it was denim and it had buckles. This one was quite nice too (SurfStitch).

Pinafore Woes

Anyway, this All About Eve Pinafore Dress was SO CUTE!

Looking at these photos, even I would say: Yep this is a cute look! Styled perfectly! Definitely a keeper!

But fashion is less about how it looks, and more about how it makes you feel…

And I felt WAY TOO CUTE.

I felt like I was 16 again?!

I felt like I was trying too hard to look young.

I didn’t feel comfortable at all haha!

In terms of styling – I tried the pinafore dress with a white t-shirt, a black and white stripe t-shirt, a navy v-neck t-shirt, white button down shirt (all my wardrobe staples!) and I didn’t like how any of it looked on me. I only liked wearing it with this white off-shoulder top.

So if I would only wear it with this one top, then it really wasn’t worth keeping in my wardrobe – especially since it cost me $80! I returned it, and The Iconic were fantastic with their returns.

Oh. I also bought a pair of black overalls with this order. And that was a fail too!

I’ll post about that soon :)