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How Do You Spend Time with Your Teenaged Boys?

16 April 2017

When my kids were young, I used to have lots of special, quality one-on-one time with them.

We would go to the park, or a cool playground. We would go for an outing, visit the zoo, or a museum, or a city farm.

In fact, going to the shops to buy a smoothie used to be a really exciting adventure for them haha.

But not now!

My kids are growing older, and the way we spend quality time together is changing.

The gap between my interests and their interests is widening.

Sure we still go for walks, we still have outings, we still go out for a fancy lunch.

But how do you have special, quality one-on-one time with a teenaged boy (without spending a fortune)?

I’m not interested in go-karting, paint-balling, LAN gaming, building robots and watching youtube videos.

I AM interested in rock-climbing, tennis, swimming, running, cycling — however to tell the truth, I see these things as my “me time” activities. Precious moments where I – Karen – get to have some quiet time, meditating time, recharge time… getting fit, by myself.

During these school holidays, I’ve had to open up my precious “me time” to include my boys.

They come running and cycling with me.

It’s fun. But they talk too much.

I love it. But it gets a bit annoying too.

Next Gen Health Club

The other day I took one of my boys to my gym, where we played a game of squash (omg so much fun!), went for a swim, then ate sushi for lunch, while enjoying the cafe’s free wifi.

We spent 3 hours together and actually had fun.

It was so relaxing and chilled out too.

Next Gen Health Club

This is me after 20 laps of the gym’s pool. Stunning day for an outdoor swim!

My boy decided not to swim after all. He took a nap on the lounge chairs by the side of the pool.

Thank goodness I like sports and fitness, or I’d have nothing in common with my teenaged boys.

Might be time for me to build robots soon. I’d like my quiet runs back.