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What I Wore: Sushi Lunches

15 April 2017

Off Shoulder Knit + Hello Parry Dress

Hi everyone!

It’s currently the school holidays and this is what usually happens every morning…

I get to sleep in until 7:30am! Sometimes 8am! Oh the indulgence!

My boys make themselves a big, hearty bacon + eggs + croissants + baked beans breakfast. Yep, every morning. They love their bacon. And I keep the fridge well stocked.

I have to dodge and weave through my own kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee.

Then we all sit down and plan our day. Who is meeting up with friends, visiting family, watching a movie, any outings, any sports, trip to the shops, major and minor chores for the day, how many hours of work I need to do, how many hours of computers games they can get, where are we having lunch, what is happening in the evening…

This particular day, we all went out to have sushi for lunch!

(We had sushi because I didn’t want to spill laksa on my white jumper haha!)

Simple outfit today:

Hello Parry Woven Dress as a skirt.

Twister Sweater by Majorelle

3.1 Phillip Lim Bucket Bag

Adidas Stan Smiths from ASOS

Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend!