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What I Wore: Blue on Blue

31 March 2017

Blue on Blue

Hello Friday!

This weekend, my 12yo boy is having his Basketball Grand Final for Under 14s — omg I’m so excited for him! As much as I tell my son that it’s not about winning, it’s about the journey… I really want the team to win haha!!

I’m so nervous for them; my stomach is so fluttery, I might actually throw up. But of course, I have to hold it together, and play it cool.

I have two birthday dinner parties and a couples dinner this weekend. Yay for actually having a social life again!

One birthday party is for my mum, who turns 70 this year.

I’m a bit bewildered by this fact, because she is the most active 70 year old lady I know. Are all 70 year old Asian aunties this active?

She’s constantly dancing with her friends (for exercise), doing tai chi, looking after her garden (climbing up trees with a chainsaw?!), cooking a banquet for 16 people at the drop of a hat, caring for her own mum, and much more.

Did I mention we both went to Paris together and she and I walked for 10 hours in one day. Then 5-6 hours the next day. I was complaining about a sore lower back and she had zero complaints, sheesh.

I definitely want to be like her when I’m her age.

We’ve booked out a Chinese restaurant and we’re going to have one helluva seafood banquet!

This weekend, I’m also going to a 50s dress up party.

I’ve been to a 50s dress up party before, and that time I wore a conservative Mad Men style tailored top + skirt with a big faux fur coat.

But this time, I’ve bought a curly blonde wig and I’m going to dress up as Bad Sandy from Grease – haha!

I’m sure there will be lots of Bad Sandy’s, so I’m hoping for lots of twinsie pics.

Stay tuned for photos!

Blue on Blue

I’m running lots of errands today in my gorgeous Hello Parry Cali Palm Tree Top – which is so pretty, slinky and easy to wear. It feels so effortless and comfortable.

I think it’s the perfect shade of blue to match denim jeans. It has that denim-on-denim cool, but without that awkward feeling of double denim haha.

The top runs a bit small. I’m usually a size 6, so I’m wearing this top in a size 8.

I’m actually wearing it backwards – just for fun and it works!

Also loving my A.P.C Half Moon Handbag, my Adidas Stan Smiths from ASOS (on sale!) and my no brand denim mini skirt.

Have an amazing weekend!