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Swimming for Fitness

27 March 2017

Brought to you by Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Clubs

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

Hi everyone!

I recently joined Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Club in Kings Park, and I am loving the aquatic facilities there.

I do one swim per week, which, admittedly, knocks me out for a few days, because I’m not used to all the swimming haha!

It has been fantastic for my cardio fitness, building muscle, burning calories – it’s a whole body workout for me.

The freestyle stroke has been particularly good for working out my upper body, and my arms feel stronger and more toned. It has definitely helped me build up my overall exercise stamina – yay!

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

Admittedly, I’m not great at swimming.

I used to be a pretty good swimmer – I was in the swim team in Primary School! And before kids, I used to swim in the ocean, go snorkelling and scuba diving.

But in the last 10 or so years, I think I would go for a swim about once a year – oops!

Anyway, I’m slowly trying to change that. I believe that doing a wide variety of fitness activities is good for the soul… and it opens your mind and body up to new learning experiences and new brain connections.

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

For relaxation, I like to use the outside pool.

I don’t do any fast swimming there. I like to have a slow breaststroke swim, so I can soak in the view and just enjoy the moment of moving through water in the sunshine. It’s like a gentle meditation!

Then I like to wind down in the spa and sauna.

Swimming for Fitness at Next Gen

And then to finish off my afternoon, I like to enjoy a soy coffee and banana cake in the Club’s café before rushing off to pick up my kids.

If you’re keen to check out any one of their clubs in Australia or New Zealand, pop over to their website to find out more!