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Discovering The Gym Life Again

13 March 2017

Brought to you by Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Clubs

In the last 6 years I have been a member of 3 gyms in total.

Each gym had their pros and cons. And overall, each gym fulfilled a very particular fitness need I had at the time. So I enjoyed all of them!

My decision whether or not to join or leave a gym is always based on my personal circumstances at the time and where I am on my fitness journey – and I’m sure everyone makes decisions about gyms this way.

This last month, I have been collaborating with Next Gen Health and Lifestyle Clubs, to see what I think and to share with my readers!

It’s a very different approach to how I usually choose a gym, but I’ve tried my best to give honest and objective opinions about all the facilities, how those opinions came about and why I was practically falling over myself to try it!

Check out the rooftop pool!

Next Gen Kings Park Review

Oh hey, I joined a gym and it’s a bit awesome haha!

Next Gen have clubs all around Australia, and they have two gyms in Perth: one in Kings Park and one in Bibra Lake.

I jumped / squealed / gasped in shock at this opportunity to try out the Kings Park Club, because… it was my HOLY GRAIL of gyms!

Next Gen in Kings Park has been running for 10 years. They also run the Royal Kings Park Tennis Club, which has been going for almost 120 years, so the whole place is FULL of rich, local history in community fitness and luxurious, active lifestyle.

Basically, everyone in Perth knows about the tennis club and gym at Kings Park. It’s like a local institution! I’ve known about it for YEARS, I’ve heard so many good things about it, I’ve always wanted to try it, and omg this is the first time I have stepped inside – woohoo!

So am I being a bit biased? I have 10 years of fanciful dreaming… so, possibly!

Next Gen Kings Park Review
Me about to start a RPM class!

First Impressions
This place is not just a gym. It’s like an established country club. They call it a Health and Lifestyle Club. It is presented very well, is very spacious, very well looked after, slick, polished and clean.

The place is 4 storeys high, filled with big windows, lots of natural light and amazing views of Kings Park and the Perth city skyline.

Most gyms around the 10-year mark look a bit run down. Carpets, handrails, door catches, and tiles tend to look a bit old, worn and unkempt. But this place looks fantastic.

Everything from the training machines and RPM bikes, to the steam and sauna rooms, to the lounge chairs and tables, to the hairdryers in the change rooms – all look new and ultra modern. I believe the place has been newly renovated.

Everything seems to run super efficiently. The staff are well organised, very helpful and friendly. Every time I ask someone a question, they all know exactly what to do, who to call, how to make it happen and will follow it up with a phone call or email. Love that customer service.

Overall, it doesn’t feel TOO posh or TOO over-the-top fancy – which is an aspect I like. I’ve been in super-fancy hotel gyms, where you get the impression that they are not serious about fitness and gym functionality at all, just how cool and luxurious it all looks!

In terms of the other members, well I can’t say for certain, but during the times I’ve been at the club, I’ve seen a wide range of ages – young and old, in every beautiful shape and size!

So I don’t feel out of place or intimidated at all – which is also another important factor for me.

Next Gen Kings Park Review
Boxing time!

The Gym and Fitness Area
The gym covers a huge area and it is outstanding!

Again, there is lots of natural light; it’s all very spacious, new and clean.

There are lots and lots of cardio, resistance and training equipment. There are free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, Swiss balls, training zones, step-up platforms, cable things, boxing, ropes – everything is SUPER MODERN.

There is a huge variety of classes too, including Body Pump, Body Balance, Pilates, Yoga, Barre, HIIT Core and Metafit workouts, Bootcamp, RPM, Spin, Zumba, Aqua Cardio and more.

Most of the classes run back to back and sometimes 3 classes run at the same time. A few times I’ve stayed and completed 2 classes, one after the other.

I really like the variety of the classes being offered, as it stops me from getting bored and keeps my fitness motivation high. That’s always a good aspect about joining a gym.

The trainers are lovely, friendly and professional.

I love the fact that while there is a receptionist at the front of the whole building, there is also a “reception” for the gym area.

Someone is always manning the front of the gym, so I can ask him or her anything gym or workout related. They are not busy with other clients, or leading a class, or cleaning equipment. I don’t feel like I’m interrupting them, thus they are always approachable and helpful.

If I had to point out a down side, I felt the treadmill was so advanced that I got a bit flustered trying to work it. Basically you can do things like load your own TV series from a USB, surf the internet (online shopping anyone?), or you can choose running routes which comes with moving scenery so you can feel like you’re running in the Canadian mountains…. Or something like that!

(Thankfully the lovely trainer on duty showed me how to use the simple run function!)

Next Gen Kings Park Review
Starting my day with a slow and steady swim.

The Pool and Aquatics
Next Gen Kings Park has a 20m indoor pool (heated to 28C) and a 20m outdoor rooftop pool (heated to 23C). It also has a therapeutic spa, steam room and sauna.

Oh hey, I’ve decided that I want to take some adult swimming lessons!

I’d like to do a triathlon some time in the future, and while my running and cycling are both ok, I’d like some tips on how to improve my strokes and swim better.

Haven’t started them yet. Will let you know how I go.

In the meantime, I’ve been building up my swimming stamina by doing slow laps in the pool.

The indoor pool is gorgeously warm. Perfect for a slow and steady pace. I usually get really cold in regular pools, so I try to swim faster, but my strokes get sloppy and I end up making myself tired and dizzy! I just don’t last very long. I’m hoping to improve that.

The outdoor pool is amazing because you can swim with the incredible view looking out over the city! Plus the lounge chairs are great for relaxing and soaking up a bit of sun.

They also run aqua aerobics classes and kids swimming lessons.

Next Gen Kings Park Review
After a swim, hot shower and blow dried hair!

The Members Lounge
Oh my gosh. This did not disappoint. The Members Lounge is like a very classy, very modern, business class airline lounge. There is a mixture of big, lush lounge chairs with low café tables for relaxing and reading a newspaper; and a more upmarket café-style seating area for eating meals or working on a laptop.

The adjoining café serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, coffee, juices and is a licenced bar. There is also free wifi and a business zone with computers available for use.

I think the Members Lounge is the heart of the Next Gen, which sets it apart from all the other gyms that I’ve been to.

It has a very relaxed, inviting atmosphere to hang out, stay, eat, work, talk, be active, and enjoy life. It feels very positive and holistic.

I love it’s understated vibe, the effortless atmosphere, the quiet buzz of individuals, the welcoming comfort, and the luxury of the facilities.

It is a very nice place to chill after a workout, read a book, have a coffee, or whip out my laptop and catch up on emails before I get on with the rest of my day.

Tennis Courts
As I mentioned earlier, Next Generation runs the Royal Kings Park Tennis Club, with 22 outdoor grass courts, 6 outdoor non-cushioned courts, 2 synthetic courts, lighted courts, professional coaching and group programmes.

I’m not a tennis player, but I do plan to take my kids along to smash some tennis balls for a fun workout.

We might even try a game of squash in their indoor squash courts.

Next Gen Kings Park Review
Ready for a yoga class!

Family Activities

The whole place is quite family friendly. There’s a crèche, fitness classes for kids, swimming lessons for kids, tennis coaching, holiday activities, children’s parties and kids are welcomed in the pool areas.

Initially, this didn’t really appeal to me, because I like to keep my “gym time” separate to “kids time”. But it made me realise this fact:

During the school holidays, and particularly during the Christmas and New Year break, my attendance to the gym significantly decreases. Sometimes I would go 3-4 weeks without going to the gym! And it pains me to think of all the money I wasted.

So with such a family focused gym, I could take the kids swimming during the school holidays, put them in tennis or swimming lessons while I did a workout, or use the crèche, or sign them up for the school holiday programmes or just hang out with them in the pool or tennis courts and take a walk through Kings Park.

I guess if I could afford it, this would seem like an incredible way to keep up my gym activities during the school holidays!

In terms of pricing, there are so many membership options, levels, variations and time lengths available, so you just have to find one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

The best way to get connected is to pop over to the Next Gen website to make an enquiry.

I’d say, looking at the prime location, the premium facilities, the historic tennis club, all the amazing services, the member’s lounge, the luxurious atmosphere and café… it is probably not for everyone and you will get what you pay for, but you might be surprised at the same time.

In Conclusion…
This has been my best gym experience by far!

I still have 2 more months of my 3-month membership to go. And I’m whole-heartedly looking forward to using it as much as I can.

So the big question is: Would I actually choose to sign up for a full membership?

My answer: YES, but not at the moment. I have my heart set on doing a triathlon (or two) in the next few years, so I am hoping to do a lot more outdoor running and cycling. This doesn’t go very well with a gym membership. So for me, the timing is not quite right.

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This is such an amazing deal! Even if you come in to take a peek, go for a pilates class, try out some weight machines, use the change rooms to change into your bathers, take a swim in the outside pool, sit on the lounge and soak up a bit of sun, pop down to the cafe to have a coffee and banana bread – that would take about 2-3 hours and definitely worth more than $20.

Anyway, head over to this page to find out more and sign up for a trial!

Still to Come
As I mentioned before, I’m going to take a few adult swim classes and let you know how I go!

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic week!