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Everyday Cycling for Fitness

1 March 2017

Brought to you by Reid Cycles

Everyday Cycling for Fitness with Reid Cycles

(Photo: Me with my new Reid Women’s Urban X1, a hybrid bike from Reid Cycles)

5 years ago, I was an avid cyclist.

I had an ultra-lightweight road bike, the whole cycling kit, the lycra outfit and I used to go on 80km – 100km bike rides once a week. I really loved it and I was super-duper lean and fit!

BUT after 2 years, I seriously burned out… so I started to get into running, weight training, strength exercises and yoga instead.

And NOW after 3 years, I’ve been thinking about starting to cycle for fitness again!

First things first – I needed a new bike.

My husband took over my old road bike, which was great, because I didn’t want a new road bike.

I decided that road bikes are not for me because: It’s for a particular kind of road cycling that involved a hunched over position, high centre of balance, cleats (clip on shoes which cost $100+), very fast speeds (I’m afraid of crashing!) and wearing padded pants haha.

I wanted a very simple, lightweight bicycle for everyday fitness!

I wanted to hop on it – while wearing my normal activewear – be able to go for a quick ride around my neighbourhood, get my heart rate up and burn some calories. I also wanted something simple so I could ride alongside my kids.

Last year, I started doing some research and I looked around for a new bike. This year, the stars in the blogosphere aligned and I had the opportunity to collaborate with Reid Cycles!

Reid Cycles are an Australian bicycle brand! They are a family owned business, specialising in best value bikes (they sell direct from the manufacturer), with stores all around Australia and international distribution too.

I like that they are a large store with lots of stock, great warranty, and free delivery.

Their prices are surprisingly amazing too.

And I’m pretty impressed with the look of their bikes. They have a nice range of bike styles specially designed for women, and the styles come in lots of sizes, which means I’ll be able to find a bike that fit me.

Everyday Cycling for Fitness with Reid Cycles

In my case, my option was a “hybrid” or a “city” bike.

The team at Reid Cycles recommended me this Reid Women’s Urban X1.

They also had this gorgeous looking, lightweight, vintage-style city bike: Ladies Sports Vintage Esprit Bike, which was very tempting because it looked so stylish!

In the end I chose the Urban X1 because it looked sporty, tough, sleek black, sexy and a bit badass!

I went online, chose the bike according to my height, put in my online order, then went into the store to pick it up, and to make sure it fit me.

Everyday Cycling for Fitness with Reid Cycles

It was perfect! It was lightweight, with a sleek, simple design. It looked great and felt great.

It was even the right size for a shortie like me!

I could easily take off the front tyre, put it into the back of my car and take it places.

It wasn’t huge and cumbersome.

It gave me a smooth ride, with easy to change gears. Seat was comfortable, my back wasn’t hunched over, I felt balanced and my knees didn’t hurt.

Everyday Cycling for Fitness with Reid Cycles

I’ve done a few short rides and one long ride on it already. It’s such a fantastic way to get some fresh air and a quick workout, despite my busy life.

I’ve kind of fallen in love with it!

I think the only problem is now I’d like to put on a bike computer on it, a saddlebag and a water bottle carrier on it too.

In fact, I feel so comfortable on this bike I might even try to do a 80km distance on it some time. I will be stepping up my distances and building up my stamina and strength. Hopefully I’ll get back to my 80-100km distances soon!

Everyday Cycling for Fitness with Reid Cycles

Happy cycling!