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Eating Colourful Salads Every Day

26 February 2017

Summer Salad Back in Oz

Yay, I love eating colourful salads!

This is a salad I made for dinner the other evening. I usually make it about 3 times a week, using whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. It’s about 6 cups of chopped vegetables.

I usually eat 2 cups, my husband and my 3 boys will eat 1 cup each.

We might eat it with steak, baked salmon, grilled chicken and some carbohydrate like roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, garlic bread, brown rice or quinoa (my kids hate quinoa! but they’ll reluctantly eat it).

Lately I’ve been skipping or reducing my carb portion and eating more salad (hence the 2 cups) or eating more protein… and I’m pretty full by the end of dinner.

We don’t use salad dressing, mainly because I don’t like salad dressing. So my kids have grown up eating plain salads, and when we are served salad with dressing, they refuse to eat it, which is a bit annoying.

Ok the truth is… we have some kind of fresh salad everyday. Maybe not such a huge serving. I always offer a variety.

Big tip for eating salads everyday: Fill your fridge with lots of colourful vegetables! Yeah it’s kind of obvious.

I always have cos lettuce, carrots, celery, tomatoes, a capsicum and a red cabbage in my fridge, to use as my salad base, because I find they last a long time. Then every 3-4 days, I buy a rotation of snow peas, sprouts, zucchini, cucumbers or spinach.

If my base vegetables start to look old, I’ll throw them into a vegetable curry.

Big tip for easy salad prep: Buy a julienne peeler. Or a spiraliser. Or some kind of grater.

Happy eating!