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Sudio Wireless Earphones

19 December 2016

Sudio Sweden

Anyone who knows me in real life, knows I don’t get crazy over gadgets or the latest and greatest new tech.

I try to keep my gadgets as old-school as possible. I like to keep my life simple. I find something that works well, looks good and I stick with it.

SO it was with great surprise that I FELL IN LOVE with these wireless earphones sent to me by the team at Sudio Sweden.

The whole idea of wireless earphones sounds annoyingly gimmicky right!?

But it has literally changed my life for the better, especially because I like to exercise at home with music and I like to workout while listening to YouTube videos.

I can move around so freely now! I can step away from my device without tugging it off its stand!

I can exercise in any room and not disturb the rest of my family!

Also I can work on my computer, listen to my music on my wireless earphones on, stand up walk into the kitchen, make myself a cup of tea and come back to my computer – why didn’t I get these earlier???

These gorgeous pair are the Vasa Blå in Rose Gold White.

The sound quality is great. It pairs up with my phone, my Macbook like a dream. It’s easy to charge, easy use. It’s simple, it works. I love it!

I do have a discount code to share with you all my lovely readers.

Use the code “KARENLYCHENG” at the checkout and get 15% off your order.