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Running Tip: Plan Your Route!

17 October 2016

Stupid 12km Run

I did something so silly on the weekend.

I ran 12km, but it was the stupidest run ever!

When I go running, I have a four, pre-planned routes from my house: 5km, 8km, 10km and 12km.

I had spent weeks plotting these good courses based on sun direction, shade, nice views, lots of water stops, good footpaths, minimal traffic, few small hills, not too secluded and scary, not too many cyclists, not too many driveways, not too many dogs + dog walkers and… simple landmarks that act as mental milestones.

(Yes, I’m a bit fussy. But I like to think that I’m ensuring an outstanding experience for myself – ALL THE TIME haha!)

Anyway, the other day I walked down my driveway and started to run. But something in my brain said, Hey I’m bored of my usual routes. Let’s be spontaneous and do something a bit different! OK!

So I ran 4km… in the full sun, got chased by dogs, almost got hit by a cyclist, got beeped by a car, got a bit lost and I was DYING OF THIRST!!

I tried to change my route to find a park. I considered creeping into someone’s garden and using their tap? I considered jumping a gate? I tried to find a friendly person in their front yard to ask for a glass of water? I even glanced into a bin to look for a discarded bottle of water (but I’m not sure if I would have drunk from it, eeep!)

I was soooo thirsty! I was getting dizzy and faint!

In the end, I found a primary school, ran around the deserted buildings like a CRAZY PERSON IN A MAZE, trying to look for a water fountain. Found one. Drank water.

I was SO ANNOYED at myself for ruining my run!!

And I was determined to finish a 12km distance no matter what. So I ran towards a local shopping centre, which was next to a sports stadium, where I knew there would be more water fountains.

Again, so many cars. So many traffic lights. So many roads to stop and cross. So many pedestrians. No shade. Messed up foot paths, tripping me up. UGH.

Stupidest run ever!!

(Oh well, at least I went for a run?!)