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Fitness Update: Running and Weights (With Kids!)

10 October 2016

Workout Mix

We had a really busy weekend – my niece turned 14 and had a birthday lunch, we had dinner with my parents, then a BBQ with friends and a visit from friends from out of town.

Despite the jam-packed schedule, it was my kids who bugged me to go out for a run with them!

They desperately felt the results of their slow-paced, school holiday routine… and they wanted to get fit for the new school term and the new basketball season.

I plotted a 2.5km course that went in circles around our local park, and we all ran at our own speed. My youngest rode his bike.

They stopped running after 3km and played in the playground. I carried on running around in big circles, until they got bored and wanted to go home. I ended up doing 8kms, which I was very happy about!

Then we all did some weights and workouts at home – haha it was quite cute!

I love my kids!