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Hot Yoga

1 September 2016

Hot Yoga

I’ve been doing HOT YOGA for a few weeks now and I can finally say that I really like it!

I hated it at first.

I found it disgusting (soooo much sweat every where! My sweat and other people’s sweat! SO MANY SWEATY PEOPLE!!! Eeeeeeewwww!!)

I found it hard to breath, hard to focus, and therefore hard to balance. It made me feel very irritated.

But I stuck at it, learned how to cope, learned how to get on with it… and now I like it.

I won’t say that I LOVE IT… because I don’t feel it gives me that spiritual / harmonious / deep energy lift that I usually get from yoga.

After hot yoga, I feel like I’ve had a swim and a full-body workout. It gives my whole body a delicious glow and a great stretch… I like that!

It’s absolutely lovely to do on a cold winter’s day, but once summer kicks in, I can’t imagine doing it during the hot weather?!

We shall see!