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Kiehl’s Nightly Micro-Peel and Ultra Facial Cream

7 June 2016

Kiehl’s recently launched a new stack of beauty products… and a few found their way to my mailbox. Hooray!

Admittedly I was a tiny bit reluctant to try new skincare as I’ve been trying to stick to a single regime – as recommended by my dermatologist, which is another story. And initially I was just planning to share it on Instagram only, without a full review.

But in the end, I gave them a 2 week trial – and WOW they were really good, so I was keen to share!

Kiehl's Face and Eye Cream, Micro Peel

The Ultra Facial Cream inspired by the popular Ultra Facial Moisturiser (a lotion), has a lovely, light and smooth texture and delivered an excellent dose of moisture and hydration to my skin.

The cream wasn’t too heavy, it didn’t make my skin feel yucky and my face didn’t feel dry over the course of the day. The fragrance was light and not overpowering. Some might say the fragrance has a very faint chemical smell, but I would choose that over a strong perfumed, musky, floral smell (which I really dislike).

Overall the cream was a simple and effective all day moisturiser.

My only fault that I’d bring to attention is that on the back of the tub there is a large 4-colour cartoon graphic of Greenland (which highlights Kiehl’s support for a historic expedition to Greenland’s ice peaks in 2005)… it looks weird and not very stylish :)

Kiel's NIghtly Refining Micro Peel

Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate

OK this is my winner!

I have been using a few different AHA’s (facial exfoliants) for about 5 years now. I don’t use them on a daily basis, even though many products say that you can use them daily or every second day. My main reason is because they are quite expensive, so I tend to use them every 5 days. I like to make them last! Second reason I don’t use them every day is because I tend to forget or get lazy.

The key ingredient is “Quinoa Husk Extract” which sounds like the product would be a husky-scrubby exfoliant, but it really just looks like a pale yellow liquid. It doesn’t feel oily at all.

This product is a peel, so I tested it for 2 days on my neck, in case I reacted badly to it. It was fine, so on the 3rd night I used a little tiny bit on my cheek, then on the 4th night I used it all over my face.

It tingled and stung a little, but the next morning my skin looked radiant, fresh and soft – which is the usual result whenever I use my other AHA products.

I didn’t use this Micro-Peel nightly, I used it every 2 days and as a result my skin and complexion was lovely.

It’s a little pricey, but the results are good!

(Compared to my other AHA products, which I rate 9/10 for exfoliating power, I would rate this one 8/10)

Kiehl's Face and Eye Cream, Micro Peel

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Of the three products sent to me, I predicted that this one was going to be the one that I could write mediocre comments about so that my review would seem more credible haha. I can’t be a blogger who LOVES everything can I?

Anyway, it turned out that I really liked this cream too.

The texture is really unusual. Most eye creams are a bit like jelly, or oily, and overly greasy. But this cream is a super thick, light and smooth.

When I use my fingers to dab cream around my eyes, the cream almost feels like a thick face paint, but it quickly melts away and feels good on my skin. I liked it!

I even used it in the crease of my nose and around my lips, as I get a bit dry and flakey during winter.

Have you tried any of Kiehl’s latest products? What do you think?