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GoTidy Packing Set and A Leather Overnighter Bag

29 March 2016

Brought to you by CiaoBella Travel

I have a few overseas trips coming up this year and I’m super excited for a bit of a getaway!

While I’m not a frequent jet-setter who travels around the world every month – I do have a few pearls of wisdom to share.

One of my travelling peeves is:  having messy luggage.

Argh I can’t stand it! I’ve tried to separate my clothes with zip lock bags, dry-cleaning plastic clothes bags, drawstring cloth bags, even paper shopping bags to keep them tidy.

But it never works. My nice, fragile, delicate clothes always get messed up with my casual/stinky clothes.

Case Tidy from CiaoBella Travel

Enter the Go Travel 3 Piece Organising Set.

I have been itching to get my hands on this product for my upcoming trip :)

Especially since I’m going to an overseas wedding and I have several delicate garments to pack.

I was the one who initiated this blog post. I hunted it down, found it online, tested it out and now I’m dying to share how cool it is!

Case Tidy from CiaoBella Travel

The pack comes with 3 little rectangular cases.

They have a depth, like a box, but they are made from a breathable, nylon cloth, with a zip and have a little plastic window each.

They are not hard and stiff like a cosmetics case. They are cloth-like bags and compress nicely with the rest of my clothes.

Case Tidy from CiaoBella Travel

They are perfect for my silk dresses, my delicate lace dresses, sequin skirts, soft fabrics, fine knits and more.

The smaller case would be great for lingerie, ties, silk camisoles, even shoes.

The small case is 23cm long, the medium is 28cm long and the large is 45cm long.

Case Tidy from CiaoBella Travel

The large case is perfect for business shirts, silk shirts or even a small jacket.

I’d say that the large case can comfortably fit 3 business shirts.

Case Tidy from CiaoBella Travel

I like that my clothes are all neatly secured in these cases.

I like that if my luggage gets tossed around, my clothes won’t churn around and end up so they snag on the luggage zip. Or if my luggage springs open, my delicate clothes won’t end up on the floor.

Case Tidy from CiaoBella Travel

I love that they zip up into rectangles too. So neat and tidy! It makes my inner neat-freak happy.

The cases also come in white, blue and violet.

Check out the Go Travel 3 Piece Organising Set here.

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Manzoni Leather Luggage from CiaoBella Travel

This next item is something that has been on my wishlist for a long time: A Leather Overnighter Bag

This is the Manzoni Overnighter Bag and this one is in Tan.

While I adore handbags and totes, I’ve found that it’s pretty difficult to find one suitable for travelling.

Basically I wanted a sturdy, carry-on bag for the airplane. I wanted one big enough to fit all my carry-on requirements. And I wanted it in leather.

This bag has been perfect for me!

Manzoni Leather Luggage from CiaoBella Travel

You see, during my last few airplane trips, I realised that I needed a much bigger and better carry on bag.

I realised that like to travel with lots of stuff – cardigan, book, water bottle, snacks, toiletries bag, camera, purse, phone, iPad, notebook, document wallet. And that’s just my stuff. Being a mum means I have to carry stuff for some of my kids too.

Anyway, I know lots of girls who love their Longchamp Le Pliage or Country Road Canvas Duffle Bag and use them for travelling, but for me, because the sides are nylon or canvas, I feel that they don’t offer enough protection. They are just too floppy and I don’t feel good about putting my camera and devices in them.

I love that this bag is made from a lovely soft grain leather. It is strong, thick, relaxed leather and not stiff and hard. It doesn’t stink too.

The craftsmanship is lovely. The zips are smooth. The handles and base are strong.

The bag is sturdy yet looks slightly slouchy. It really is a quality bag.

Manzoni Leather Luggage from CiaoBella Travel

I went to all the big department stores and a few specialty luggage stores to see how this Manzoni bag compared to others in the market.

The verdict: Excellent! Which is why I’m doing this review!

Duffle travel bags are not very stylish (here’s an example). It’s difficult to find one in a nice minimal style in leather. The nice leather ones are super expensive and priced over $400!!

So this Overnighter Bag is MUCH more affordable, excellent value and stylish.

It is a fabulous size too.

Manzoni Leather Luggage from CiaoBella Travel

Currently the Black version is on sale. Which means with my discount below, it only costs $204 (without shipping). Err, you can’t even buy a leather handbag at Witchery for that price.

It also comes in red, orange, navy and dark brown, check them all out here.

Im so, so pleased with my bag and again, I can’t wait to use it on the plane for my next trip!

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