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A Change of Scene

21 February 2016

The weekends can get pretty busy for us.

All our kids play sport, my husband and I go for a run or cycle, we go out to visit friends, we organise sleepovers and dinner parties, we do lots of jobs and chores around the house, and then there’s homework and assignments to be done too.

Although it’s a bit hectic, life is grand and life is stable.

Book and Cafe

Anyway as a change of pace, I took one of my boys out to a cafe to do his homework. I didn’t think he would do very well, with all the people, distractions and smells of food, but he was great.

He had a milkshake, enjoyed the change of scene and ploughed through his work.

My coffee was terrible, but I managed to read a few chapters of my book.

What bliss!

Currently reading the gorgeously written, 2015 Pulitzer Prize Winner :

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

I didn’t like the writing style at first. I found it irritatingly pretentious (ha!). But it grew on me. And now I completely adore it. And it’s all flowing and moving at a wonderful pace and slowly gripping at my heart,  because I can tell there will be a sad ending.

It’s also inspiring me to brush up a little on my WW2 history and French and German history too. Which is always a good thing for my brain!