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Chinese New Year 2016 – Year of the Monkey

8 February 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Happy Lunar New Year to you all!

We celebrated our Family Reunion Dinner at my grandma’s house… and this is me, astonished by (and taking selfies with) her longan tree!

Chinese New Year 2016

It was a stinking hot 40°C day and everyone retreated indoors to the air-conditioned sanctuary that is my grandmother’s lounge room and watched “If You Are The One“, while some kids (mine) opted to play soccer outside?!?

By the time I snuck out to take this photo, some kids went back inside to find a smart phone, and the rest played Duck-Duck-Goose just for laughs!

Chinese New Year 2016

A lot of my relatives were overseas, so there were only 27 people this time… but my aunties still cooked up a storm!

Chinese New Year 2016

Tossing the Yu Sheng (fish salad) for prosperity and happiness!

I actually tried to take video of the tossing, but my 6 year old accidentally dragged all the peanuts OFF THE PLATE which sprayed out all over the table, so you could hear my other son dobbing on him, lots of laughing, and me getting snarky, possibly swearing.

Anyway, hope you all have a glorious start to the lunar new year!