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Pops of Lip Colour!

29 February 2016

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick

I don’t know about you, but every 2 or 3 months, I get soon sick of my lip colours.

Whether it’s lip gloss, lip balm, lip crayons, lip stain… I just get so bored with cycling through them.

So I start to stalk other girls with my skin colour. To see what colour they are wearing and whether I can imagine myself wearing it. But that’s a bit creepy right? Staring at someone’s lips?

Anyway the lovely team at Rimmel, sent over some new lip colours, Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks, for me to try out and they are fantastic!

They are SO hydrating, full of colour, great lip coverage and they “taste” nice. Plus they are affordable.

Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick

My favourite shade is this perfect everyday nude colour called, Naughty Nude 700.

Second favourite is a slightly pink nude called, It’s a Keeper 200. (Pictured second from the left)


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Framing The Great Wave

28 February 2016

Schutz Sandals and Picture Frame

I have been a lover of Japanese woodblock prints since I studied it in art school (high school).

When I started working, I managed to save up to buy a proper reproduction of The Great Wave off Kanazawa by Katsushika Hokusai, printed on beautiful Japanese paper. I bought it through the state art gallery, so it must be somewhat official.

Anyway, I finally managed to find some time to frame my beloved picture. Yay to getting jobs done!

Wearing my Suede Sandals by Schutz from Shopbop.

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Fitness Update For The Week

27 February 2016

Running Gear

I’ve been doing pretty well with my fitness activities this week!

Sunday: Ran 12km, 6:39 min/km

Monday: Netball Game and Body Weight Exercises

Tuesday: Yoga

Wednesday: Bootcamp

Thursday: Ran 5km, 5:49min/km (ouch!)

Friday: Pilates

Saturday: Rest day!

(I do my bodyweight exercises, yoga and pilates at home… so apart from my bootcamp sessions and netball, all my exercises have been free!)

Pictured: Nike Free 5.0 Sneakers (on sale), Lululemon Sports Bra, Nike Running Shorts (or similar here)


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Blue Bell Crush

24 February 2016

ASOS Blue Bell Sleeve

Ok so I have a bit of a crush on this girl! Her top, her hair, her shorts, her outfit, her smile!

I absolutely love her top – the bell sleeves, the mixed navy pattern, the relaxed fit, the v-neck, the little bow, the boho floaty style and the fact that it’s under $50 and on sale at ASOS!

I can’t really decide if it will actually suit me though…?

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Roses from my garden, just because.

23 February 2016


I’m into a lot of things.

I believe that’s a key to happiness… my happiness anyway!

There’s so much in this world that brings me so much toe-wiggling, eye-sparkling, ear-to-ear grinning joy.

They are kind of “simple” things though.

They are probably a little uncool too, but hey, it makes things easier for me. Simple pleasures are often the best kind right?

Yes I love clothes, shoes and online shopping.

I love sunsets, beaches, walking, running.

But I also like gardening. I like composting. I like growing things.

I like researching about manures, building worm farms, finding out about soil acidity, tending roses and pruning them. I’m totally going to be that little old lady with a garden full of roses one day.

I love having happy, healthy roses. They are like my pets. They give me flowers. They are like the gift that keeps on giving.

Sure having the fruits of my labour is nice, but really, nothing beats the excitement of my baby rosebuds about to burst into bloom in the sunset. That’s where the joy is at.


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Wardrobe Staples to Wear Year-Round

22 February 2016

Frame jeans, Anine Bing Tee and Raye Sandals

Raye slides | Anine Bing T-shirt | Le Color Skinny Jeans by Frame

With March just around the corner and a slight change of season in the air, something interesting has happened on a sartorial front.

For the first time in years, I looked at my wardrobe and I didn’t have that dreaded “I have nothing to wear” feeling. It seems that many of the items in my wardrobe are year round staples, slipping me easily into the new season.

I bought this Anine Bing T-shirt about 8 months ago, during winter, and it’s still being cycled through my outfits once a week. It has a very cool, relaxed, worn-look to it. And the more I wear it and wash it, the better it looks!

These Le Color Skinny Jeans by Frame are quite possibly my perfect black jeans. They have an amazing stretch, they hug beautifully around my waist, hips, bottom and crotch, and they don’t pinch when I sit. I had to get them altered, taking them up a bit at the legs, but I do that to all my jeans, since I’m so short. They are so so good.

These Raye slides have absolutely grown on me. I have tossed out my rubber flip-flops and never lookied back.

With such high wearability ratings, they’ve definitely been worthwhile purchases!


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A Change of Scene

21 February 2016

The weekends can get pretty busy for us.

All our kids play sport, my husband and I go for a run or cycle, we go out to visit friends, we organise sleepovers and dinner parties, we do lots of jobs and chores around the house, and then there’s homework and assignments to be done too.

Although it’s a bit hectic, life is grand and life is stable.

Book and Cafe

Anyway as a change of pace, I took one of my boys out to a cafe to do his homework. I didn’t think he would do very well, with all the people, distractions and smells of food, but he was great.

He had a milkshake, enjoyed the change of scene and ploughed through his work.

My coffee was terrible, but I managed to read a few chapters of my book.

What bliss!

Currently reading the gorgeously written, 2015 Pulitzer Prize Winner :

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

I didn’t like the writing style at first. I found it irritatingly pretentious (ha!). But it grew on me. And now I completely adore it. And it’s all flowing and moving at a wonderful pace and slowly gripping at my heart,  because I can tell there will be a sad ending.

It’s also inspiring me to brush up a little on my WW2 history and French and German history too. Which is always a good thing for my brain!

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What I Wore: ShowPo White Dress

20 February 2016

Dress from Showpo

I love a good cotton dress! This dress is from Showpo and is called the ‘You and I’ Dress in white.

I’ve bought and returned a couple of duds from various online stores over the last few months… but this one is a winner. I’m so happy with it. It’s gorgeous, simple, flattering and well fitting.

I always prefer my summery dresses to be slightly fitted, as they don’t overwhelm my petite frame. I also like my dresses to look pretty but not too pretty, and most times I like them to have sleeves too, so they offer a little bit of sun protection for my shoulders.

Dress from Showpo

I went to a lunchtime meeting by the river and I felt so light and fresh sitting under the shade of the trees and umbrellas.

Ah there were so many other dresses I wanted to get, notably this white crochet dress or this long sleeve playsuit.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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Hey There Selma

19 February 2016

Michael Kors Selma Bag

Out to lunch with my girlfriends and my Michael Kors Selma bag (from Shopbop).

We were having dim sum and the waiter accidentally knocked over a cup which splashed tea onto my bag and my skirt!

The tea stained my skirt, but thankfully it wiped straight off my bag. Thank goodness for the hardy leather!

Hope your lunch was less dramatic than mine :)

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Perth’s Video Game and Console Museum: The Nostalgia Box

18 February 2016

A few weeks ago, my whole family took a trip into Northbridge to check out a Video Game and Console Museum called, The Nostalgia Box.

The Nostalgia Box - Photo courtesy of The Nostalgia Box
(Photo courtesy of The Nostalgia Box)

My kids – and husband – are a bunch of gaming freaks. Me? I just tolerate video games.

My husband is actually interested in video games on a slightly more intellectual level too; its history, cultural and social impacts, interactive design, blah blah… which has rubbed off a bit on the kids.

So before we left, I told the kids that this was NOT an excursion to a video game arcade. This was a museum, so I expected them to come away having learned something about the history of video games. (Haha I’m so hardcore.)

The place was split into two areas. One was the museum area, more like a historical-timeline walk-through, featuring old consoles and games, and lots of interesting bits of information about the history of video games. You can’t touch any of it though. Everything is behind glass in that section.

The other section was a games area, featuring a whole stack of retro games that you can actually play.

The Nostalgia Box

In the Museum Area, I made my 10 year old and 12 year old read ALL the little panels.

I should have quizzed them at the end :)

My 6 year old couldn’t keep up, so I had to paraphrase a few panels, then he skipped off and went to the next section.

I’d say that the museum section wasn’t suitable for little kids, other than to point and show them “these are some of the game consoles that mummy and daddy used to play with”.

The Nostalgia Box

Behold the very first commercially released home video game console!

It’s called the Magnavox Odyssey released in 1972. It had no graphics capabilities, just transparent overlays, and it also came with a dice, a deck of cards, play money and poker chips.

The team at The Nostalgia Box did a good job with all the research and information. I found it all to be really interesting!

Did you know that the origins of electronic video games lay in the design of early missile defence system of the 1940s?

The Nostalgia Box2

There were LOTS of old consoles in amazing condition on display. I loved the ones made out of wood!

Then there were the consoles from the 80s… and I had to cringe, because I remember playing on some of those systems… and they are now in a MUSEUM??

The Nostalgia Box

We moved onto the next section, the Gaming Area, and I had a little PONG battle with my husband.

It was hilarious.

The Nostalgia Box

My kids had a great time playing all the retro games, like Pacman, Space Invaders, Super Mario Bros, Bubble Bobble, Sonic The Hedgehog and more.

Sure they can play these games online now, but there’s nothing like big chunky, plasticky controllers with big red buttons to take us back to the 80s.

The Nostalgia Box

I shed a little tear as I revisited my uppercuts with Ryu and was KO-ed by Ken.


The Nostalgia Box

What struck me the most was the MUSIC.

We listened to all that video game music for hours as a kid. Then what, after 20 something years, hearing one of those tunes again, my brain flipped a little switch and whoop there it is, embedded in my memory – who knows why – major head spinning flashback, hit me like a train, right in the feels, and filled me with such grand nostalgia.

The Nostalgia Box

We took funny photos with the props, looked at the cool retro gaming items to buy and chatted to the owner of the museum.

We must’ve spent about 1 – 1.5 hours there.

It was pretty cool!

I definitely recommend it to people who are interested in learning a bit about video game history, or wanting to revisit old favourites, and parents (with kids over 8) wanting to show their kids a different side of video games.

The Nostalgia Box Museum
Shop 3, 16 Aberdeen Street, 
Perth WA 6000
The Nostalgia Box on Facebook.

There are admission fees and family passes, check the website for more details!

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Increasing My Pace with 30 Second Sprint Training

17 February 2016

Perth River Run, 12km Clockwise

On the weekend, I ran 12km at my fastest pace yet — 6:12 minutes/km.

I’m a bit proud of myself!

I have been running at a pace of 6:30min/km for a really long time now.

Admittedly, it’s pretty slow. It’s OK. I don’t push myself too hard. I don’t want to hurt myself.

I know I can run a distance of 12km or longer at that pace… and I am still able to function perfectly well for the rest of the day – this is quite important to me. I don’t have time to take a nap in the middle of the day!

But I seemed to be stuck at that pace. Which annoyed me.

So I decided to try out some interval training, where you run for a bit and walk for a bit. Most people advised me to start slow and easy. 2 minute run, 1 minute walk. Or 5 minute run, 2 minute walk.

However, I decided to try 30 second sprint training instead.

(Because it seemed like more fun haha!)

It’s a bit intense. And they say that you should consult your doctor before you try.

I thought I’d be fine. I do lots of sprinting when I play indoor netball. And I run around until I can’t breathe and my face is red and pounding and I want to throw up. I’m used to doing a few sprints here and there.

So I did this sprint training a few times this week and it was sooooooo much fun!

I enjoyed it so much because it was such a thrill to move my whole body so quickly.

It was also humbling because I realised how quickly my legs just gave up.

I can sprint really fast ONCE, then my next sprint is slower, then each sprint after that is slower still, then I’m a quivering wreck because I’m so tired.

I can’t do it for very long. I can only do about 6 – 8 sprints.

But I think it’s really improved my running. And my netball too.

The flow on results have been really impressive for me.

Can’t wait to try more :)

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Gaaaahh! Kids!

16 February 2016

Towel Floor

Yes yes, parenting is incredible. Being a parent is amazing blah blah blah.

But sometimes parenting is shitty.


Sometimes my kids make me sooo00000oo fuuuuuuuuriously mad that I’m constantly screaming and shouting at them. I turn into this monster I can’t recognise. Angry shit comes out of my mouth and I hate myself for it.

Why do I even have to SAY things like:

…Don’t throw knives at the kitchen door!!!!

…Don’t walk through the house with muddy shoes!!!!

…Don’t draw on the furniture with permanent markers!!!!

…What are you THINKING when you do things like that????

It feels like a part of me dies when I have to say things a hundred times over. Again and again and again and again. All day I’m chasing them around the house being a horrible, shouty, nagging mother.

…Put your plates away.

…Pick up after yourself.

…Don’t leave your towels on the floor.

…Don’t eat straight from the cereal box!

…Don’t leave your school bag in the doorway!

…Don’t leave your shoes lying around in the hall!

…Is it so hard to rinse your own cup and put it on the dish rack!?

So it’s time to set some CONSEQUENCES right?

Big consequences. So that they’ll learn to focus on their actions, right?

Like “ZERO screen-time for a WEEK!” How’s that for a consequence?

Problem is that they rack up 4 weeks worth of ZERO SCREEN-TIME… and now what? Who has to enforce it? That’s right! Us!

Sometimes I can’t see the end of the tunnel. Each day is a slow, painful slog through bickering, fights, rules, discipline, homework, moods, shouting, tantrums, tears.

Sometimes, I just need a break.

Or a hug.

Sometimes, I just need one thing to make me smile.

Usually, it’s just enough to see me through the day.

Usually, it all turns good again.

And usually… it all becomes incredible again.

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Lace Up Heels

13 February 2016

Aaaah *just* when I decide that I have enough shoes, and I really shouldn’t buy any more… a new season of gorgeous designs come out and I’m completely smitten.

And what seals the deal?

A 30% – 40% OFF sale! Yikes!

(I might have to start selling my less-worn pairs. Ebay anyone?)

Lace Up Heels at The iconic

Senso May lace up heels in black suede, 30% off.


Lace Up Heels at The iconic

Tony Bianco Kappa in Tan, Velvet Suede, 30% off.


Lace Up Heels at The iconic

Tony Bianco Kappa in Black Kid Suede, 30% Off

Senso Rhiannon VI in Black Matte Kid leather, 40% Off. (I have this pair)

There are heaps of other styles and sizes that are under the Final Clearance Sale here.

(Sorry. Not Sorry!)

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Watermelon Crush for Summer

12 February 2016

Watermelon Drinks

This is one of the juices/smoothies that I love to make for my kids after school.

Sometimes I’ll use lemonade (instead of coconut water) if I have some leftover from a dinner party, otherwise there’s more than enough sweetness in the fruit.

It’s their favourite flavour and such a hit in summer!

Watermelon Crush

2 cups of watermelon (no seeds)
1 slice of pineapple
1 tablespoon of frozen raspberries or strawberries
4 cubes of ice
250mL of coconut water
1 leaf of mint

Throw everything into a high powered blender, whizz up, then serve in pretty glasses :)



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Rimmel ‘Brow This Way’ Eyebrow Kit

10 February 2016

Rimmel Brow This Way

I have always used a brow pencil and brush to shape and fill my eye brows. I have a gorgeous Calvin Klien pencil (in black) that I use all the time.

Then 6 months ago, I was sent this Rimmel ‘Brow This Way’ Eyebrow Kit (003 Dark Brown) to try out. At first I resisted using it, because it was new and different to what I was used to… but once I tried it, I loved it!

I think the dark brown colour suits my balayage hair colour much better than black, and it also gives my face a more natural and daytime look.

Black brows seems a bit harsh and glam; good for the evening but not so suitable for daytime and everyday wear.

The wax is excellent for definition, shaping and colour. The powder sets the wax. However, I don’t use much of the powder, just teeny tiny dabs.

The brushes are surprisingly nice too, very precise and soft, yet still firm enough to spread the colour around.

Pretty good stuff for $12.95, considering that this Bobbi Brown Dark Brown Kit is $75 and this Benefit Brow Kit is $55.

Do you have a favourite brow kit, that’s not too expensive? Hit me up!

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What I Wore: Summer Leather

9 February 2016

Girls Night Out: Black and Leather

I went out to dinner with a few of my childhood girlfriends recently.

Originally we were all family friends, thrown together because our parents were friends; we’ve known each other since we were 12 – 15 years old.

There’s something soul warming and mind blowing about knowing a bunch of people for almost all your life; who have grown up the same way as you, been on the same camping trips, shared the same experiences, laughed at the same random jokes.

I don’t see them on a daily basis. In fact, I only see them once a year, sometimes less.

But the moment we meet up, it feels like we’ve never been disconnected, and the feel-good Hollywood movie about our lives is still being written out before our eyes!

Here’s to childhood girlfriends and dressing like Olivia Newton John (i.e. Bad Sandy)!!


Layla Off Shoulder Top

Urban Outfitters Leather skirt (old) similar (US$95), similar (US$95)

Michael Kors Bag from Shopbop

Platform heels from ASOS

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Chinese New Year 2016 – Year of the Monkey

8 February 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Happy Lunar New Year to you all!

We celebrated our Family Reunion Dinner at my grandma’s house… and this is me, astonished by (and taking selfies with) her longan tree!

Chinese New Year 2016

It was a stinking hot 40°C day and everyone retreated indoors to the air-conditioned sanctuary that is my grandmother’s lounge room and watched “If You Are The One“, while some kids (mine) opted to play soccer outside?!?

By the time I snuck out to take this photo, some kids went back inside to find a smart phone, and the rest played Duck-Duck-Goose just for laughs!

Chinese New Year 2016

A lot of my relatives were overseas, so there were only 27 people this time… but my aunties still cooked up a storm!

Chinese New Year 2016

Tossing the Yu Sheng (fish salad) for prosperity and happiness!

I actually tried to take video of the tossing, but my 6 year old accidentally dragged all the peanuts OFF THE PLATE which sprayed out all over the table, so you could hear my other son dobbing on him, lots of laughing, and me getting snarky, possibly swearing.

Anyway, hope you all have a glorious start to the lunar new year!


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Do More Running

6 February 2016

Run: 1 Feb 2016Hi everyone!

Yep, one of my goals for the year was to: do more running.

I’m not trying to focus on any distances or speed; I just want to simply get back into it and try to find the love again.


I did three runs this week, yay!

1) A short 2.5km run at my usual pace of 6:30 min/km.

2) An interval run – 30 second sprint and 30 second walk, for 10 minutes. I was absolutely shattered after that!

3) A long 12.5km run at my usual pace of 6:30 min/km. No stopping, except to drink some water!

The days have been really hot, so I have been waking up at 5:30 – 6am to go for a run, or waiting until 7pm when the heat has subsided. The fact that I can drag my ass out of bed in the morning, says a lot about how much I’m loving the feeling of being fit and strong again.

I’ve also been following yoga, pilates and workout videos at home, in the evenings, which has been – surprisingly – lots of fun.

I definitely have my fitness mojo back and I’m making the most of it!

Mango, Cucumber and Spinach Smoothie

This is my very horribly coloured, but delicious fruit smoothie with mango, pineapple, cucumber, mint and coconut water!


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Bird Nest Feels

5 February 2016

Bird Eggs

While cleaning a high shelf in the carport, we accidentally dislodged and swept down a bird’s nest.

The nest came crashing down, but the eggs remained intact.

Eeep, we felt so bad!

The eggs were absolutely perfect orbs of white. Immaculate, unblemished, smooth, delicate. They looked like they were from another world.

They were so beautiful and so perfect that they looked almost fake, as if they came out of a plastics factory.

Bird Eggs

Unfortunately we couldn’t leave them in the carport, so we placed the nest in nearby tree.

We think the mama bird came back and everything was A-OK!

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Sneakers To Keep Us Active

4 February 2016

I have a naughty obsession with sneakers, which has significantly increased in the last few months… because my 13yo and 11yo sons happen to have the same size feet as me! Woohoo!

Haha lucky me. Would have been better if they were girls though.

Anyway, they need to update both their running shoes and everyday sneakers… so that’s 4 new sneakers for me, us, them!

ASOS is having a sale on some of their Nike sneakers, and these are my under $100 picks!

Nike Sneakers at ASOS

Nike Roshe Run Black Sneakers (Oops sorry this one isn’t on sale anymore, and not under $100!)

Nike White & Silver Court Royal Sneakers

Nike Grey Textured Primo Court Sneakers

Nike Racquette Leather Punched Swoosh Sneakers

They don’t look too feminine right??

My boys could wear them right? Haha!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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What I Wore: The Summer School Run

3 February 2016

Black and Denim

Yep, with all the other rejoicing parents out there, I’m beyond excited that the school year has begun!

I’ve thrown myself into the planning of some work, personal and family projects coming up – Renovations! Travel! Passports! Photo editing! Writing! Birthdays! Fitness! Tuition! Car repairs! Plumbing repairs!

I haven’t had time to go out for relaxing brunches and sit at home to watch Netflix, hmph.

I’ve been working from home; I pop in and out; and I try very hard NOT to wear my faded t-shirts, denim shorts and thongs when I drop my kids off at school. Pretty good considering it’s 40C outside!

New denim skirt by Nobody Denim (on sale)… I love the return to denim this season and I LOVE the blue hues in Nobody’s latest collection. They make some kickass quality denim pieces.

An off-shoulder top by The Fifth that’s a winner for day-to-night wear.

Pointed flats by Charles & Keith.

Have a lovely week!


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JumpAbout Trampoline Park, Rivervale

2 February 2016

Jump About Trampoline Park

My boys and I were recently invited to check out a new trampoline park, apparently the largest in Perth – JumpAbout!

Yep, we were excited to check it out, because my boys love a good jump session and quite frankly, I needed them to burn off some energy.

Jump About Trampoline Park

JumpAbout is WA owned and operated, has 2 large jumping trampoline areas with 300 interconnecting trampolines, a dodgeball area, a bouncy slide, a climbing wall, a soft climbing area for toddlers, a slot car racing track, gaming arcade and (most importantly) a cafe and lots of tables to sit and watch. It’s a really big area!

I found that the centre has a really different atmosphere to other trampoline parks that I’ve been to.

At other parks, spectators are on a raised platform that look down into the trampolines, so you feel “watched” and I always get the feeling that there’s a small element of “showing off” and “trying to look cool”… so it feels quite intense, especially with the loud music, large crowds and strict time sessions.

But my experience at JumpAbout was almost like going to a public park… it was chilled, easy going, lots of room to spread out and have some personal space, and no one was going to scold/police me if I did something minor like sit on the floor to remove my shoes.

They seemed a bit more relaxed about the session times and movement to and from the trampolines and the spectator area, meaning, we could wander around to different trampolines, take a toilet break, hang out at the climbing wall, go back to jumping, stop to have some water… it was great!

Prices are slightly cheaper too, which suits larger families and big groups.

Jump About Trampoline Park

My older boys ended up spending most of their time at the dodge ball arena, while my youngest boy and I explored the rest of the park.

We spent about 2 fun hours at the park – jumping for 1 hour; trying the other activities, hanging around and having a snack.

It was a fantastic and super relaxing experience for me because I have older kids (6-14). But if my kids were any younger, I would’ve had to follow them around and therefore, it wouldn’t be so relaxing. Then again, when you take toddlers anywhere, you can’t really relax haha!

Cheers to the JumpAbout team, we had a blast!

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Korean Skincare Review – S2J Cosmetics

1 February 2016

Brought to you by Aniqa

Aniqa Korean Skincare - S2J

Hi everyone!

You might remember that I’ve been experimenting with several brands of Korean skincare products from Aniqa – an online store based in Australia, that specialises in popular/cult Korean beauty products.

Well I’ve recently fallen in love with this new brand called S2J.

Their products are a standout for me because they are simple, good quality, and I’ve had good results.

The brand offers no frills, no magical claims… just high quality skincare that works how they are supposed to!

There are only 5 products in the S2J women’s skincare range, so it’s super easy to follow their beauty regime.

Korean Skincare S2J

This is the S2J Ultra Vitamins Facial Treatment Cleansing Foam, however I have the travel size pack ($9) because I just wanted to try it and I was doing a bit of travelling at the time.

Generally I prefer foaming cleansers to cleansing creams, because, after I take off my makeup with makeup remover (which is quite oily), I like to give my skin a really good clean after that.

Korean Skincare S2J

The consistency of the cleansing foam is soft, smooth and creamy. It cleans really well and is gentle on my skin.

It doesn’t have a strong smell. It’s just lovely and light.

Unlike most cleansing foams, this one doesn’t leave me with that dry, tight feeling on my cheeks afterwards. I really like it!

Korean Skincare S2J

This is my other favourite product – the S2J Ultra Collagen Moisturizing Essence.

It is absolutely lovely on my skin. It absorbs SO well and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated, without the greasy shine.

I like the pump pack because I don’t like sticking my fingers into pots of cream and getting the cream stuck under my nails.

Korean Skincare S2J

The range was developed by celebrated Korean makeup artist,  Seo Sujin.

With 20 years of experience in the makeup industry, she has been described as Korea’s “Queen of Beauty” and leading the way as one of Korea’s first Hallyu makeup artists. Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, refers to the rising global popularity of South Korean culture, beginning in the late 1990s.

S2J stands for its philosphy of Smart, Science and Jeune (French for “young”) but I also think it stands for her name :)

Her products seem to have a kind of cult following,

I’ve have been thoroughly enjoying my journey into looking after my skin and I love discovering all these new products!

Aniqa are have a special offer for Valentine’s Day!

Receive a 10% off discount off your entire order, no minimum spend, just use the code “BEMYVALENTINE”. This special promo ends 14 Feb 2016, 11:59pm.

Hope you find something to try!

Have a fabulous week!