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Christmas Festivities 2015

26 December 2015

These last few days (or weeks?) have been a huge, happy blur.

Our lives have been filled with food, catching up with friends and families, cleaning the house, parties, washing dishes, swimming, fruit platters, relaxing, toys, video games, movies and hours of doing nothing much.

It has been a bit tricky to keep track of the details and recall what happened where and when haha.

But I love to keep a record of the events on my blog, so here goes!

Christmas 2015

Christmas Eve dinner was at my place, with just a small number of guests from both sides of our family: 12 adults and 6 kids in total.

My sister and brother in law (visiting from London) joined us for the first time. My husband’s aunty and uncle were there too.

There was waaay too much food as usual! I successfully delegated out the cooking, so all I had to do was bake the ham and roast vegetables. It was very easy, relaxing and rather enjoyable.

The kids helped to dust, clean, vacuum, clean windows, sweep cobwebs, put up the decorations and set up our swimming pool – they were so helpful. I was so proud of them and glad that they were happy to lend a hand. I rewarded them with fruit smoothies and a swim.

Christmas 2015

My 6 year old wrote out all the table name cards, and he announced that he didn’t think the name “Karen” suited me very well. He much prefered my name to be “Mum”.

He pointed out that since 3 out of 5 people in our house called me “Mum”, which is more than 50%, I should strongly consider changing it.

I told him that only THREE people in the WHOLE WORLD gets to call me “Mum” and one of them is HIM, so he should feel extra-special and he should try working out that percentage.

Christmas 2015

My favourite eats for the evening were my Yorkshire Puddings! Omg they were super crispy and amazingly delicious with gravy.

I used this Yorkshire Pudding recipe (the same one I use every year) but this time I accidentally left the oil in the pans in the oven for too long (I forgot about them until I smelt burning butter coming from my oven — oops!). I also used less batter in each muffin pan, because I had to make 18, not 12.

These combining factors made my puddings rise spectacularly. It was a bit of a fluke, but now I know for next year.

Christmas 2015

My 12 year old made this lovely Christmas Cake with his grandpa.

It tasted so good – however there was a bit of cooking drama over at grandpa’s house. They burnt the first cake, because they mixed up Fahrenheit and Celsius… and they baked the cake at 275C for 4 hours, yikes.

Thankfully they had enough ingredients to make another cake the following day, so Christmas dessert was saved and nobody’s house was burnt down.

Christmas 2015

On Christmas Day, we all woke up early and some family members came over for breakfast (leftover ham). We opened presents and hung out at home. It was really lovely and relaxing.

We don’t follow any Santa traditions in our household. That is, we don’t leave milk and cookies out for him, we don’t fill up stockings, we don’t write letters and the kids don’t get “a present from Santa”.

I think this irritates our kids a bit, because there is a lot of discussion about Santa traditions at school, especially in the younger grades.

The kids do get presents, but we’re just pretty low key about it. They just receive one simple present from us and one silly present from me (this year I gave them Star Wars Pez Dispensers haha!).

We actually sit them down and discuss what they’d like for Christmas. And this year, they requested to receive money from us and relatives, instead of toys, so it can go towards buying a few secondhand laptops for our household.

In a way, I’m a bit torn, Christmas is usually supposed to be about gifts of love, surprise, being thoughtful, the joy of giving…. and here we are, being so practical about gifts! Oh well. For us, Christmas is more about family gatherings and spending time with loved ones.

Christmas 2015

For Christmas evening, we went to my parent’s place for another big feast and swim.

My husband set up his telescope and we saw the rare full moon on Christmas day. I managed to line up my smart phone camera with the telescope eye piece and took this snap.

It was very cool and very magical.

A perfect way to end the day really.

So I hope you all managed to have a wonderful, magical and stress-free Christmas too!

Here’s me wishing you all much happiness and love for the new year!