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Raye Shoes: Exclusively From Revolve Clothing

17 December 2015

My new purchase from Revolve Clothing arrived the other day and I’m a bit thrilled!

Raye Sandals from Revolve Clothing

I was drooling over some of the stunning shoe styles by Raye (especially the heels!), an up-and-coming shoe brand which is sold exclusively at Revolve.

I was rather impressed with their trifecta of awesome: quality, very cool designs and price.

I’m not usually smitten by the whole collection of ONE particular brand of shoe (although lately I’ve also been loving Schutz shoes too).


Raye Sandals from Revolve Clothing

Anyway, I decided not to get a pair of heels, and instead I picked out a pair of Raye Sara Cow Hair Sandal (still on sale!) because…. my friend has a pair of Ancient Greek Sandal slides – which are SO soft and luxurious – that I have been itching to get a pair too.

These are not the standard slide design, as it also has a leather toe ring… which I’m aware is not everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s a bit “untraditional” and “unclassic” but I love that it’s different!

When I’m walking around in my white tee, denim shorts and looking like everyone else, I can feel happy that my feet look a bit special haha!

Raye Sandals from Revolve Clothing

I also want to note that the fast delivery was fantastic, the customer service was top notch and the free shipping was pretty damn sweet.

Revolve are still having their special Spend and Save promotion at the moment. Happy shopping if you’re heading over there!