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A Little Catch Up With Sandals and Flowers

21 September 2015

Schutz Flatlay

Happy Monday everyone!

As I mentioned a few posts ago, it’s fashion week season… and I had the pleasure of attending 8 different events in 5 days.

Sounds a bit intense? Yeah it was, but I’m not complaining! It was fun! I made so many new contacts and friends, saw some great shows, I exercised my networking and conversation skills, plus I really wanted to support the local designers, talented creatives and small business owners again.

Also… I guess I wanted to announce to everyone that I was back in the blogging scene again.

Last year I took a break from the fashion scene because I wanted to concentrate on the business side of my blog.

That has worked out really well, as I have been inundated with heaps of new, fun, interesting, paid work over the year; possibly too much for my schedule, but I think I’m now a bit of a pro at sayin’ NO, choosing work that suits me, and making sure it doesn’t affect my work life balance.

I still want to cook delicious meals for my family, have coffee with friends, go shopping with my mum, have long conversations with each of my kids, be a kind of rock for my boys as they grow up and head off to high school, go for runs in the sunshine, volunteer for charity, bake treats, vacuum my own house and grow my own vegetables in my garden.

I won’t be a millionaire, I won’t be famous, but hey I’m happy doing my own thing.

I feel successful!? That’s all that matters right?

So I’m very thankful and grateful for how everything has been going in the last 12 months.

Blogging is a very different landscape now.

I’m more of a freelance digital creative now, busily creating visual and editorial content for my blog and social media, and selling media space across my platform. Ha, that sounds so formal. I prefer to say, “I just write about stuff and take photos.” Haha!

I hope to do a lot more writing here.

I know it goes against the new social media and Instagram culture. I know it goes against all the stunning, image-driven, picture-heavy websites that gets all the eyeballs these days (which is a talent and art in itself!). Everyone says, “People don’t like to read lots of words these days. No one reads blogs anymore.”

That may be true. But as much as I love visual style, art, design and appreciate the creative geniuses behind it all… there’s something about the written word, a voice that cuts through everything else, that truly inspires me.

I have been working on rolling out a few things on my blog. Hopefully it will all be finished soon!

Thank you for reading! Hope you have a fantastic week!

In the photograph: My new Schutz Sandals from Shopbop, Stripe top from Love Bonito, Skirt from Base by Ben, and some roses from my garden.