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Wearing Aelkemi (With Video on Snapchat!)

9 September 2015

Aelkemi Dress

Ok so this just happened!

I popped into the Aelkemi store in Claremont to pick up dress for the upcoming show at the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (happening next week!).

And I just snapchatted a video of me being a bit of a noob in this Aelkemi dress haha.

Aaak! The dress was amazing!

It was a bit tight to put on though. There was no zip. So I had to slip the whole thing over my head and get my head and shoulders through the circumference of the waist. I was in such a contorted tangle. I thought I would have to dislocate my shoulder to get myself out.

Now I know how babies feel. Just follow the light! Pop! Hello world!

Are you on Snapchat? I kinda just started! There’s video on my Story! Eeep!

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