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Super-Colourful and Super-Comfy Workout Leggings

1 September 2015

Brought to you by Ciao Bella Travel

Hi everyone!

I’m working together with Ciao Bella Travel to show off their latest range of printed workout leggings from deluxe brand Abi and Joseph.

I also have a special discount code for 15% OFF the entire website (including sale items). Just enter the code “KAREN15” at the check out. Promo expires on the 20th September 2015.

Abi & Joseph Leggings from Ciao Bella Travel

So… do you own colourful leggings?

I took a peek into my activewear drawer and counted um… 6 PAIRS OF BLACK LEGGINGS!! I have soft bamboo ones, high performance ones and general ones I use for the gym/workouts/pilates/yoga. Some are a bit old, saggy and see-through (oops!!) and yes, I probably should throw them out!

I’ve been looking for some colourful and comfy leggings that I can wear for yoga and for running.

I’ve seen lots of women wearing brightly coloured ones – and while I love the look of them – they are priced around $100 to $130, eeeps. Yep, I procrastinated, couldn’t find a print that I liked and so I never dived in to buy a pair. I thought I’d rather use the money to buy a new pair of sexy sneakers?

Anyway, the team at Ciao Bella Travel sent over a few colourful leggings to test out (their bestsellers!)… and BINGO they are priced from $82 – $89.

Then with my 15% discount, they will be around $70 – $76. Amazing price for luxe workout leggings.

Abi & Joseph Leggings from Ciao Bella Travel

This pair is the Abi and Joseph Acacia Bloom Full Length Tights. I adore the print! It’s so loud, crazy and colourful. It definitely puts me into an active zone.

This is the full length style, however I tucked up the ends of the legs by a few centimeters (because I’m short). I like how the leggings taper in at my ankle, even though I’ve turned them up.

Best thing about them: THEY ARE MID-RISE! I can wear a crop top without feeling like I have to “let it all hang out”. The wide waist band is comfortable and firm on my abs and core… tucking me in all the right places.

It is made from a high performance fabric, which is quick drying and breathable. It is stretchy, strong, soft (with a cotton-jersey feel) and has a four-way stretch that allows for optimal movement. They are comfortable enough for me to wear all day (I have done this a few times!).

It doesn’t feel slinky, shiny, plasticky, rubbery or like a scuba diving wetsuit.

The manufacturers rate these leggings as: Ideal for high intensity interval training and gym sessions.

Abi & Joseph Leggings from Ciao Bella Travel

These Abi and Joseph Dreamcatcher 7/8 Tights are also rated for high intensity interval training and gym sessions.

And again they have excellent fit and feel, just like the Acacia Bloom pair.

I am crazy in love with this unique print – it’s my favourite print of the lot. It is so eye catching and whimsical. I wore it to a yoga class and THREE ladies said they loved my leggings and wanted to know where I got them! I felt like I was being stalked!

Abi & Joseph Leggings from Ciao Bella Travel

(Photo: After 10 minutes of trying to take a photo of myself holding a 3kg weight at 90 degrees, perfectly still, flexing, making a perfect wincing expression, while on my tippy toes….. my arms were jelly!!)

These tights have a 7/8 leg length, and are supposed to sit at mid-calf. But of course, they sit lower on me because I’m short. I really like this length and I think they are a much better fit for me. I already have 2 black leggings with this 7/8 length.

For all these Abi and Joseph tights, I’m wearing a Size XS, and I’m usually a Size AUS 6.

When I lifted the tights out of the bag, I was shocked by how TINY they looked. They looked like they were Size XXXS?? I groaned and thought I would have to go through the hassle of returning and exchanging them. But when I slipped them on, they stretched nicely and easily over my legs, hips and waist – without squeezing me to death. I didn’t feel like I was being eaten by a snake! They felt lovely to wear.

Oh and did I mention how much I love the MID-RISE waist?!

Abi & Joseph Leggings from Ciao Bella Travel

Lastly these are the Abi and Joseph Waikiki 7/8 Tights.

I like to think of them as the perfect “in between black leggings and colourful leggings”; when I’m neither in the mood for blending-into-the-background or fist-pumping-with-confidence.

This print is actually kind of cool and they look a bit like skinny, printed cropped jeans!

Of course, if you’re not into printed leggings, the Ciao Bella Travel store has lots of BLACK leggings, the Abi and Joseph ones are priced at $75 (so that’s $63.75 with the 15% off discount) and there are loose fitting yoga/pilates pants too.

Or pick up a versatile Sacha Drake dress (read my review here) or comfortable bamboo tops.

I hope you find something you like! Happy shopping!